Unusual Maine moon sparks alien conspiracy theories

Posted July 13, 2017, at 8:07 a.m.

A photo of the moonrise over Casco Bay captured Sunday isn’t stirring up talk of Maine’s natural beauty. For some, it’s proof that aliens do exist.

The photo, snapped by John Stetson during an outing with the Southern Maine Community College at Dyer Point in Cape Elizabeth shows a bizarre, rectangular moon.

“The rising moon looked like an iceberg, faint and shaped like a giant block of ice,” Stetson told SpaceWeather.com.

In reality, the effect was the result of warm and cold air meeting off of Maine’s coast.

“John says ‘…the Moon looked like an iceberg.’ That’s appropriate because this mirage is a result of cold water,” Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley told SpaceWeather.com. “The cold sea offshore of Maine cooled the air above it. Above that was warmer air – a temperature inversion and the stuff of mock-mirages. The Moon’s rays passing through it bend and twist into several moon images, some upright some inverted. They combine together into the rectangular ‘iceberg.'”

But many online followers refuse to accept the scientific explanation.

According to the Daily Mail, Facebook user Michele Mannor wrote, “I don’t believe that explanation at all. Too many others witnessing and getting bizarre phenomenons cropping up all over.”

Facebook user James Jonathan Joseph added: “If you believe this story then they have primed you for more brain washing reprogramming.”