‘Slice of light’ makes for great outdoor photos

Posted Jan. 22, 2013, at 9:37 a.m.

In recent years I have been progressively more fascinated with light filtering through the woods. Several times I’ve started collections of photos called “Slice of Light” with the intent of producing a DVD picture show with the same name. Usually, after reviewing the pics, I trash the entire production because the images simply do not measure up to the reality. I am giving it another try, so please be patient with me while I share a few of those images with you.

A ride past a Winterport area farm gave me some opportunities, and left me wondering … why do sheep need sweaters? The horse seemed to be smiling while the cows noticed a stranger in their midst.

The Charlie Brown kite eating tree became active at Goulds Landing in Orono.

It was not a good day for Belfast Bay crabs as a couple of winter loons were snapping them up one after another.

The Veazie Rail Bed trail gave up an image of a (most likely) gypsy moth egg mass on a speckled alder tree branch. I’m not sure what critter resides in the larger cocoon, photo taken at the Essex Street Marsh, a future research project.

I hope you’re enjoying the great Maine outdoors.