Dear Santa…

Posted Dec. 20, 2011, at 11:59 a.m.
Last modified Dec. 23, 2011, at 4:32 p.m.

OWLS HEAD, Maine — During this holiday season of hectic shopping, party planning and arranging plane flight schedules, some things, thank gosh, stay exactly as they have always been. If you’re lucky, you’ve actually eaten chestnuts roasted on an open fire this winter. You’ve heard sleigh bells ring and seen snow glisten. And baby — as always — it is cold outside.

And, while you were shopping for that perfect gift, about 100 children in midcoast Maine were sitting at their kitchen tables doing something kids have done for ages — writing letters to Santa.

Rather than mailing their letters, midcoast children bring them to the Owls Head Transportation Museum, which annually gets a visit from Santa who takes the letters by plane straight to the North Pole. Before he left for even colder climes on Dec. 4, he let the Bangor Daily News peek into the bag of letters he received locally.

In their wish lists, some children used their behavior from the past year as leverage. Tristan told Santa that he has been good and would like a truck for Christmas. One unsigned letter-writer said he was a good boy and would like bugs to eat. Others didn’t have that sort of weight to throw around in their seasonal negotiations. Allison said she has been “sort of good” and would like a dollhouse. Henry couldn’t even say that.

“Dear Santa, Please bring me Hulk toys. I have been naughty. That’s it. I love you Santa,” but he added, in conspicuously adult-looking handwriting.

“I’m going to try hard to be nice.”

Many children were inquisitive and used the chance to interview Santa.

“How are the elves?” “How are you doing?” “Can you read minds?”

The Bangor Daily News has showcased about 30 letters online at Enjoy.