At Easton, Elise Allen and Isabelle Morin scored 11 and 10 points, respectively, to carry the Bears to victory. Sara Gilman added nine points for Easton. Kassie Farley scored a game-high 15 points for Washburn. Washburn scorers: Mette 2, Castonguay 6, Farley 15, Carney 2… Read More
    At Washburn, the Beavers held the Hawks without a point in the fourth quarter to pull away. Maggie Castonguay and Kassie Farley had 17 points apiece for Washburn. Kara Lambert paced Hodgdon with 16 points. Hodgdon: Deroisers, McGillcuddy, Russell 1-0-2, Hutchinson, Nightingale, Howell… Read More
    At Washburn, Kassie Farley scored seven of her 12 points in the fourth quarter to seal the win for the Beavers. Maggie Castonguay chipped in with eight points for Washburn while Olivia Tardie led Ashland with eight points. Ashland: Doughty 0-1-1, Stratton 2-3-7, Poulin 1-0-2,… Read More