Press Release

Wood Chop School Team Building Program

USA, Maine, Rockport, March 10, 2014

The Wood Chop School (WCS), a team building and leadership training company located in Rockport, Maine, announced the rollout of The Modest Warrior Program, which is an organizational “village building” and leadership course designed to produce successful work teams.

“Given the breathtaking economic opportunities and challenges facing companies today, nothing is as necessary in the workplace as the Modest Warrior Village concept. By training organizational members to incorporate the team and leadership skills we teach, we can almost effortlessly affect transformational results in no time at all.”, stated Seth Silverton, Director of The Wood Chop School.

The Modest Warrior Program incorporates elements of the traditional human village, the most ‘local’ of all human structures, and leverages these elements so that they can be applied universally by every level of organizational member to the betterment of the company.

Building a village within the workplace improves communication, problem-solving and listening skills, allows village members to set goals and achieve objectives together, builds trust, heightens creativity, and encourages rapport. It also helps organizations address, adapt to, and leverage the current ‘localization’ occurring within the corporate landscape for great profit.

The Modest Warrior Program is a division of The Wood Chop School, whose mission it is to teach the sustainability skills necessary to survive and thrive through the most profound challenge of our time, paradigm shift.

For information about utilizing The Modest Warrior Program in a local business, call Seth at (207) 323-5272.


Seth Silverton, Founder and Director

The Wood Chop School