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Rudman Winchell launches mobile Website

BANGOR, Maine — Rudman Winchell is proud to announce that the firm has launched a new mobile website for By doing so Rudman Winchell becomes one of the first law firms in the state to offer a mobile only website for smart phones and tablets to its clients.

“One of our focal points is to provide ease of access to our services for our clients,” says Edmond Bearor, Managing Partner at Rudman Winchell. “Increasingly people expect the legal industry to utilize state of the art technology. As a firm, this is just another way for us to solidify our commitment to meeting that expectation.”

“This year almost 25 percent of our web views will be done from a mobile device,” says Jeff Solari, Rudman Winchell Manager of Business Development, in a press release. “That number will grow rapidly during the next few years. It only makes sense for us to be ahead of the trend.”

Rudman Winchell’s mobile site was designed and constructed by Kevin Stevenson and Nobrainah Mediah in Bangor.

Earlier this year Rudman Winchell launched the state’s first on line legal services site. The E-State Planning site offers clients the ability to create a will, power of attorney, healthcare directive and complete their estate planning needs on line at their convenience. Unlike other national sites, all documents on the E-State Site are reviewed by a licensed Maine attorney. The site can be accessed at

With more than 30 attorneys specializing in various fields of practice,

Rudman Winchell provides comprehensive counsel to the people, businesses and communities of Maine.

For more information please contact:

Jeff Solari/Manager of Business Development (207) 992-2628