Press Release

PCHC recognized as leading practice site for 340B pharmacies

BANGOR, Maine — Penobscot Community Health Care’s Pharmacy Department has been recognized as a leading practice site nationally for its 340B program.

The 340B Program is a federal program designed to stretch scarce health care dollars. It allows health care organizations serving the underserved to access medications more affordably. The American Pharmacists Association and HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs have collaborated to recognize exemplary 340B practice sites and PCHC is pleased to receive this honor.

As part of the program, PCHC pharmacists will serve as mentors for other 340B practice sites during the next year and will share information about best practices. Felicity Homsted, PharmD, BCPS, Director of Pharmacy, said in a press release, “Our pharmacists and technicians work hard to maintain high integrity surrounding this complicated program in our on-site pharmacies. We are pleased to be recognized for this work and to share what we have learned with others.”

PCHC has three full-scale pharmacies at its convenient family practice locations: Penobscot Community Health Center at 1012 Union St. in Bangor, Brewer Medical Center at 735 Wilson St. in Brewer, and Helen Hunt Health Center at 242 Brunswick St. in Old Town. PCHC offers competitive pricing, as well as Prescription Assistance and Affordable Care Programs, and matches most $4 prescription plans. Its five staff pharmacists fill 100,000 prescriptions a year.