Press Release

New solar project in Limestone

LIMESTONE, Maine — The Power Company of Washington, Maine, and the Loring Development Authority of Limestone, Maine, are jointly announcing the beginning of construction of a 200 KW solar energy project in Limestone, Maine. The project, named “Loring Solar II” is the second solar –powered electrical generation system to be installed for The Loring Development Authority (LDA) by The Power Company and is expected to be completed late this summer. LDA was created to redevelop the former Loring Air Force base after its closure in 1994. Carl Flora, CEO of LDA, stated “this project is a good example of the type of economic opportunity we offer here at Loring. We have abundant sunshine, thousands of acres of property, hundreds of buildings and a lot of grid capacity. Loring has become an incubator for advanced energy research and development”. Under the terms of a special lease agreement, LDA will act as host and off-taker of the electricity. In exchange, LDA leases the equipment and realizes a net saving in electric costs.

An earlier project, dubbed “Loring Solar I”, was completed in the Fall of 2012. It is a 50 Kw fixed ground-mount system consisting of 216 US-made solar modules. In contrast, Loring Solar II will consist of 30 dual-axis-tracking devices. The solar trackers follow the movement of the sun daily and seasonally. The direct fixation of the panels on the sunlight increases the efficiency by as much as 40 percent. Each tracker holds 24 US-made modules. The two projects will have a combined annual production of approximately 385 MWh per year or enough electricity to power 55 average Maine homes. They will off-set carbon production by 250 tons annually.

The project will be installed by Maine Energy Performance Solutions and owned and operated by Loring Solar II LLC. Financing will be provided by Coastal Enterprises Incorporated of Wiscasset Maine. “Solar development of this sort is now just beginning to happen in Maine. It takes a willingness of all parties to think outside the box a bit to make things happen”, stated Rich Simon, President of the Power Company.

The Power Company and LDA would like to thank all those who contributed to making this project a reality including John Lajoie and employees of County Electric, Maine Solar Engineering, All Earth Renewables, Emera Maine and Coastal Enterprises Incorporated.

The Power Company is an energy development company specializing in concept, consulting, design and building of community based renewable energy projects.

For further information, contact:

Rich Simon, The Power Company: 207-845-6100;

Carl Flora, Loring Development Authority: 207-328-7005;