Press Release

MSAD 74 Preschool, Move More Kids offers ‘Nutrition by Magician’

ANSON, Maine — MSAD 74 Preschool Program in Collaboration with Move More Kids presents “Nutrition by Magician” magic show and family dinner.

Magician Conjuring Carroll will be presenting his “Nutrition by Magician” magic show based around Maine’s 5210 Let’s Go! Nutrition and exercise curriculum. The shows includes audience participation, nutritional facts, fun ideas with food, the importance of exercise, and magic tricks linked to healthy living ideas. There will also be a family dinner, which does require an RSVP at 207-696-3753. This event is being sponsored by Move More Kids of the New Balance Foundation, KVCAP, and MSAD 74.

Date: April 2, 2014

Location: Garret Schenck Elementary

19 Ken Taylor St

Anson, ME

(207) 696-3100

Contact Persons:

Amanda DeLeonardis, Garret Schenck Preschool, 207-696-3753


Carroll Chapman, Magic of Conjuring Carroll, 207-635-3133



No Further Information is Available