Press Release

Islandport Press signs four-year lease to remain in Yarmouth

YARMOUTH, Maine — Islandport Press has signed a new lease agreement that allows the book publisher to combine its office and warehouse space into one location, provides room for expected growth, and keeps the company in Yarmouth until at least 2017.

In addition, Islandport will explore creative ways to use a portion of the larger new space to host literary and artistic public events as well as begin regular networking and skill development events for its authors and illustrators.

“We were committed to remaining in Maine and Yarmouth and we are delighted that we could find workable space in town that allows us to accomplish those and many other goals,” said Dean L. Lunt, editor-in-chief and publisher. “Combining the two physical parts of our business will make us more efficient while the additional office space and warehouse space will give us flexibility, room to grow, and the ability to explore exciting new opportunities as we plan for the rapidly changing future. Despite challenges, we remain supremely confident about the future of books in all formats.”

Lunt also said the new warehouse enables the company, which distributes books directly to stores in Maine and New Hampshire, to better support its network of resellers, sales representatives, and national distributors, as well as its authors and illustrators.

“The new, larger office space will allow us to help nurture and support the amazing community of New England writers, artists, and designers that we work with,” said children’s book and web editor Melissa Kim. “It’s exciting to be at a point where we can think about new and different ways to cultivate the next generation of readers.”

The agreement, effective June 1, was reached between Islandport and Yarmouth-based B&L Associates for more than 5,500 square feet of space at 274 Portland St.

Islandport Press was founded in 1999 and released its first book in 2000. In recent years, the company has increased the number of books it publishes annually and signed marketing and distribution deals that have extended its reach to stores across the nation and into Canada. In 2013, Islandport will publish 13 books, one CD, and its first calendar. Several of the 2013 releases will be offered in ebook format. Next year the company, which employs five people, will celebrate its 15th anniversary, a milestone the company will celebrate with a variety of special events and initiatives.

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