Press Release

Hall Internet Marketing Attends NEMOA 2014 Spring Conference

PORTLAND, Maine — Hall Internet Marketing, Maine’s largest fully interactive marketing agency, is pleased to announce its newest membership as a NEMOA member and recent attendance at the NEMOA 2014 Spring Conference. Hall looks forward to connecting with others within the NEMOA community, sharing ideas and learning from other industry experts.

“NEMOA had a great mix of brand, merchandising, strategy and web-related speakers,” said Rachel Bowes, Director of Digital Marketing. “I came back energized, with lots of new ideas to share with the Hall team and the e-commerce clients we work with!”

NEMOA, which was founded in 1947, is a professional networking group dedicated to the catalog and multichannel industry. Its members come from all across the US, Canada and Europe with two educational conferences per year and an online network for connecting, sharing and learning from industry experts and peers.

About Hall Internet Marketing

Hall Internet Marketing is a 15 year old agency that combines technology and expert services to drive cost-effective internet marketing strategies to improve website performance. Hall staff works closely with clients to understand their business objectives, their target audience and the competitive environment to create a comprehensive, tailored online marketing program that drives success. Hall helps some of the largest employers in Maine, well known Fortune 100 companies and innovative technology businesses to drive more sales online.

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