Press Release

Fort Kent Key Club selling YUDA Bands:an International Service Project

FORT KENT, Maine — Fort Kent Community High School’s Key Club will be conducting an international service project in the coming weeks. Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Through a program called YUDA Bands, the club will be selling bracelets to raise money for students’ education. YUDA Bands are stylish bracelets handmade in Guatemala out of leather and coconut, each personalized with different colors and symbols. All money raised from sales will pay for a year of education for two students in third-world countries: Lester Huz of Guatemala and Woodline Rochenel of Haiti.

The name YUDA is derived from AYUDA, the Spanish word for help and that’s exactly what the club hopes to do with this project. Not only will the profit sponsor two children but, since YUDA Bands are handmade, selling the bracelets also provides jobs for struggling Guatemalans. Conducting this project will also help break the poverty cycle in these struggling countries. In some cases, graduating from high school can mean as much as a 600% increase in earning potential for a Guatemalan youth. Locally, the club hopes to empower their peers to make a difference in the world.

YUDA Bands will be sold for only $7 during the weeks of October 21 to November 1. Key Club members will be selling the bracelets during lunch at the high school, during the soccer playoffs, and at the drama club’s play, Quintuplets which will be held at Fox Auditorium. In addition to donating to students’ education and receiving feelings of fulfillment, those who chose to purchase a YUDA Band will also receive some discounts around town! During the first week of sales (October 21 to October 26), students at FKCHS will receive a free popcorn from the school store with the purchase of another item. At all soccer games during the sales date, anyone with a YUDA Band will receive a free popcorn from the NHS Snack Shack with the purchase of another item. Lastly, customers with a YUDA Band will receive a 10% discount at Al’s Tastee Freez during the 2 week period.

We hope that the school and community will come together and support such a great opportunity to help those who are in need. Changing the world never looked so good! For more information or to purchase a band, call FKCHS at 834-5540 or email the Key Club President, Jared Michaud at or Advisor, Claire Pelletier at


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