Press Release

Democratic caucuses kick off 2014 campaign March 2

On Sunday afternoon, March 2, Democrats in Sagadahoc County towns, and towns throughout the state, will gather with their friends and neighbors in municipal caucuses to meet Democratic candidates, elect officers and committees and talk about the issues that are important to them.

A complete list of caucus times and locations in Sagadahoc County is available at The countywide snow date is March 9.

Participants will select delegates to the Democratic State Convention at the end of May, elect Municipal Committee officers and County Committee members to serve until the next election, and share their thoughts and concerns about issues of local and national importance.

Local Democratic legislators and candidates, as well as candidates for County office, will attend the caucuses and representatives of the Pingree for Congress, Bellows for US Senate and Michaud for Governor campaigns will be present to offer the latest news and answer questions.

Ben Grant, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party, says the party caucuses will draw thousands of activists statewide “to build our grassroots campaign for 2014. We have one of the strongest tickets in our party’s history and Mainers are ready to turn the page on the current administration and elect Democrats who will stand up for working class Mainers,” according to a press release.

All registered Democrats are welcome to participate in a caucus, including new voters who turn 18 before Nov. 4, and those not enrolled in a party who wish to become Democrats. Voter registration and enrollment is available during regular town office hours and for at least 30 minutes preceding each caucus.

For more information visit, or contact Bill Everham (; 207-522-7873.