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Autism Society of Maine, Annual Service Awards Presentation

The Board of Directors for the Autism Society of Maine presented its 2013 Annual Awards on Saturday, October 5th to six outstanding individuals whose volunteer efforts have contributed significantly to the goals of the Society and to persons with Autism throughout the State. The Autism Society of Maine is the only statewide agency whose mission is to provide families and adults with information and referrals on matters pertaining to Autism.

Representative Peter Stuckey (Portland) was recognized for his work with many local organizations supporting individuals and families affected by Autism, including the People’s Regional Opportunity Program, the Maine Child Care Association and the Maine Coalition for Housing and Quality Services. Representative Stuckey has represented parts of Portland in the Maine House of Representatives since 2008 and currently sits on the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services.

Mr. Colin Copeland (Brunswick) was recognized for his outstanding professional work with youth affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Mr. Copeland, who serves as the Associate Director of Special Programs for Port Resources in South Portland, took the lead in developing the program “Achieving Independence in Maine”, a unique and successful program in which six young adults with ASD rent apartments in a building owned by Port Resources. These youth are enriching their lives though independent living, using public services and creating strong community support networks.

Officers Craig Johnson and Patrick Griffin (Lewiston) were recognized for their professional service in protecting, serving and advocating for families and children with disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders. Officers Johnson and Griffin serve as law enforcement officers in Lewiston. In addition to serving individuals on the spectrum, Officer Johnson is involved with many other local organizations including the Special Olympics Tennis Clinic. Officer Griffin also participates in many fund-raising events to benefit organizations such as the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, the YMCA and the Sunshine Foundation for terminally ill children.

Jean Mason (Livermore Falls) was recognized for her outstanding volunteer work within the community for families with members affected by Autism. Jean is the mother of three children, two of whom are on the spectrum. In addition to her work volunteering for autism awareness, Jean has also worked for many years to organize and conduct the annual Farmington “Walk for Autism”. The Autism Society of Maine hosts these annual “Walks for Autism” in four locations around the state, and Jean’s work in organizing and coordinating the Farmington walk has been a critical part of the success of that walk.

Ken Huhn (Bangor) was recognized for his life-long commitment and work in support of individuals with disabilities, including Autism. Ken has worked in acute care hospitals, home-care and extended care agencies for more than 40 years and has advocated for health care change and the rights of patients in the Legislatures of three states, including Maine. Although many of his accomplishments are the result of his professional service and advocacy work, Ken is most proud of his volunteer work on behalf of disabled populations, including those on the spectrum.

The Board of Directors of the Autism Society of Maine is proud to benefit from the tremendous work of many volunteers throughout the state, and are pleased to have the opportunity this year to recognize these outstanding volunteers.

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