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Restaurant workers

Low pay, no benefits, rude customers: Restaurant workers quit at record rate.

Young people should be reading newspapers 

“Although social media is a great tool in itself, when it becomes the primary vehicle of informing the general public, many of the stories circulating must be taken with a grain of salt. Reading the news on social media is not enough,” high schooler Shreya Prabhu writes.

Tax e-cigarettes to deter youth vaping

“E-cigarettes, or “vapes” as they are known, are the most commonly used tobacco products among young people. Currently, nearly 4 million of them are vaping, including 1 out of every 5 U.S. high school students,” Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi writes.

Our fears of more child deaths in Maine have become a reality. They shouldn’t have.

“The ombudsman is currently performing the enormous task of trying to influence DHHS and improve Maine’s child welfare practices with a minimal budget allowing for only two employees. This is laughable considering the size of DHHS, and the insight the ombudsman has clearly brought to the growing problem of serious child abuse and neglect in our state,” Ally Keppel and Allie McCormack write.


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