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Trump’s assault on American governance just crossed a threshold. The President has demanded that the Justice Department open an investigation into its own investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. —The New Yorker… Read More
    Discussions of arming teachers, airport-style security and student lockdowns must make for a stressful environment for learning. Read More
Olivia Bogucki, University of Maine. Originally posted in the Bangor Daily News May 22, 2018. Late-life depression is an important public health concern in Maine. Over 15 percent of senior citizens in Maine have depression. Unfortunately, myths and misconceptions about late-life depression make it… Read More
    It is fascinating to talk to my students about Social Constructivism and how it applies to international business, international relations, politics, economics, society, culture, and the environment. It is shocking for many of them, particularly when they realize that the ideas and belief systems that molded them as… Read More