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Tomalley Trouble

With warnings about tomatoes and then jalapeno peppers tainted with salmonella, food safety has been a concern this summer. So it is not surprising that a federal warning against eating lobster tomalley quickly led to fears about the crustaceans, resulting in a short-lived ban on lobster shipments to Japan.

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Hiring In-Justice

A second report has found political views were improperly considered, and in some cases the top consideration, in hiring decisions at the Department of Justice. While it is helpful that Attorney General Michael Mukasey wants to ensure such a situation doesn’t happen again, much more is needed.

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Jonathan McKane: Repealing soda taxes won’t kill Dirigo

Supporters of the new Dirigo taxes on soda, beer, wine and health care services have gone on the offensive. In an attempt to frighten and manipulate Maine voters, they have resorted to outrageous claims of dire consequences to Dirigo and our entire health care system should the new Dirigo taxes be repealed in November by a people’ s veto.

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A shower never felt so good

If it rains enough, I can bathe. I am staying in the house of Adela Garcia Martinez, a 73-year-old matriarch in the rural Mexican village of Charahuen. A little town of 60 families, Charahuen has no running water and no sewage system.

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Blethen papers attract group from Maine

Blethen Maine Newspapers, owner of the Portland Press Herald, the Maine Sunday Telegram, the Kennebec Journal in Augusta and the Morning Sentinel in Waterville, announced Thursday that the company is negotiating for the sale of its publications to Maine Media Investments LLC, an investment group headed by Bangor native and former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen.

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Group wants speedier cleanup

An organization of community activists called on state officials Thursday to pick up the pace developing a cleanup plan for vast amounts of contamination still left at the former HoltraChem factory in Orrington.CREATIVECIRCLESPLITCHARACERCREATIVECIRCLESPLITCHARACERCREATIVECIRCLESPLITCHARACERCREATIVECIRCLESPLITCHARACER