Sometimes being a single parent means accepting that I am imperfect, that the ability to teleport doesn’t exist and that it has to be okay that I cannot do everything. I received a loud and clear reminder of that last week. It was… Read More
    Several years ago, tired of the worn and battered look of my once-nice kitchen table, I carefully sanded it, stained it and re-polyurethaned it. The process took me a few days, and I was so happy when it looked clean, crisp and fresh again. Read More
If you can imagine an unleavened English muffin made out of very fine cornmeal then you can imagine an arepa. They come from Columbia in South America where they are sometimes split and used as a sandwich, stuffed with cheese, meat, or beans or… Read More
    Ethel Pochocki was a faithful correspondent to this column early on. She sent along good recipes and ideas and we even talked on the phone. One of the joys and privileges of writing a weekly column like Taste Buds is exactly that kind of… Read More


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A common refrain of those complaining about immigrants is that they are “takers” or “gaming the system.” Among Americans with their own immigrant histories, the complaint sometimes becomes “my ancestors didn’t need welfare. They worked for everything they had.” This kind of rhetoric is not only exclusionary and… Read More
BANGOR – The Hemophilia Alliance of Maine will hold their inaugural “Bangor’s Best Bloody Mary” event on Sunday, May 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn at 250 Haskell Road in Bangor. This will be the first bloody mary competition of its… Read More
    LEWISTON — Cheryl Wixson, Stonington chef and organic farmer, has been awarded the Katherine O. Musgrave Public Service Award by the Maine Nutrition Council.  Presented at the annual spring conference on April 11, Wixson was recognized for her “outstanding contributions to nutrition and health for Maine… Read More