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Mainers can now do yoga with cats

“I love animals, and this was a really cool way to have a new experience.”
NEWBURGH, Maine -- 03/25/2017 -- Lindell Smiley, 10, smiles as tap starts dripping from the tap he hammered into a maple tree at Nutkin Knoll Farm and Sugarworks in Newburgh Saturday as part of Maine Maple Sunday. Ashley L. Conti | BDN

Nearly 100 producers mark Maine Maple Sunday

Matt Bell tops off jars of beets with brine at Thirty Acre Farm. Besides traditional sauerkraut, they make a variety of other fermented vegetables and hot sauces. They grow the large majority of the organic vegetables on their farm in Whitefield.

Maine farmer turns fresh produce into funky ferments

“My hope was to just provide nutritious food to people. I think we’re definitely doing that by growing nutritious crops and them giving them further value through the fermentation process.”
Edie Jordan smalls a container of basil at the Through the Garden Gate booth during the 2017 BDN Garden Show at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor Friday.

For some, annual garden show a harbinger of spring

Wyatt Beauchamp, 6, is held by his mother Kristin after he had a small seizure. Wyatt has epilepsy, which causes seizures that range from a few seconds of inactivity to major episodes when he falls to the floor and his body starts to shake. He has to wear a helmet to provide some protection during the numerous falls throughout the day.

Maine family seeks solutions to help child with epilepsy

Even though the family’s path has been hard and at times scary, it has been made a little easier thanks to the love and care from their expanding community. On this path, there is hope.
Bartlettyarns newest owner, Lindsey Rice, watches as the mill's old 1948 mule spins yarn.

Yarn of a different century: Traditional spinning takes center stage at Maine mill

“I love the old machinery. It does a fantastic job. We’re producing something more of quality than quantity.”
A new app launched by Forager 1 LLC, a group led by former CashStar CEO David Stone, aims to streamline transactions between local farmers and stores such as the Portland Co-op.

It just got easier for Mainers to get food from local farmers

The company aims to improve transactions between small farmers and grocery stores or cooperatives, mostly by taking manual paperwork out of the equation.

Small Maine produce farmers press on even in the winter months

Lokie Horn and his wife Adria stated their farm in Pittston two years ago. They keep a herd of yak, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits. Lokie said they decided to raise yak for their milk and in smaller part for their meat.

Veterans are putting roots down in Maine — as farmers

There are now more than 250 veteran-owned farms in the Pine Tree State that belong to the non-profit United Farmer Veterans of Maine.