When you’re someone who rises near 5 a.m. many mornings, you notice the changing of the days. They’re getting shorter, as they do after the summer solstice. We’re now approaching the time of year when the darkness seems to invade our waking hours more and… Read More
The corn crop here is winding down, maybe another dozen ears or so for us to eat, and some more to cut off the cob to freeze for later. We had help in the garden and in eating corn on the cob this past… Read More
    Jim Robert’s beautiful peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes. Jim Roberts, a neighbor of ours here on the island, makes that wonderful sweetened peanut butter and chocolate confection known as buckeyes. In fact, he has been making them for years, and when he was… Read More

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    BANGOR — The Ohio Street Farmers’ Market will be opening for its 9th season 2 p.m. Wednesday, May 22 at the Grange Hall, 1192 Ohio St. It is opening with four vendors: Rollins Orchards, Honestleigh Acres, Hippy Hunny Farm and Willow Lane Highlands. Find a wide variety of… Read More