Should you add peacocks to your homestead?

With its dazzling fan of colorful feathers, the peacock is the prima donna of domestic birds. Strutting about the yard, it demands attention, its iridescent feathers shining in the sun. “It’s like having a walking flower garden.”

How to keep snakes out of your yard

Snakes don’t deserve their sinful reputation. Sure, some species are poisonous, and snakes may munch on eggs from your chicken coop, but there are many perks to having snakes on your property.

No, climate change isn’t being caused by low solar activity

W. Dean Pesnell, project scientist of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, explained that the sun goes through 11-year cycles of high to low activity. During times of decreased activity known as the solar minimum, sunspots — fleeting cool patches on the sun that are caused by changes in its magnetic field — and solar flare activity diminishes.


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