Wisdom 26 at Easton 52

Feb. 02, 2012, at 7 p.m.

At Easton, Carla Halvorson and Mindy Desmond each scored 15 points to lead the Bears to their ninth victory.

Ariana Babineau added six points for 9-7 Easton while other scorers included Danielle Dudley (four), Hannah Ferris (four), Stephanie Hammond (three), Kylee Carter (two), Taylor Brown (two) and Cassie Buck (one).

Vanessa Pelletier scored nine points to lead 2-12 Wisdom of St. Agatha. Other scorers included Tyra Michaud (six), Alsyssa Dumond (three), Courtney  Ouellette (two), Jayme Cyr (two), Ashley Beaulieu (two) and Casey Tardif (two).

Wisdom 5 11 19 26

Easton 8 21 33 52

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