The USM Department of Theatre welcomes audiences back to theatre with a free, family-friendly, traveling outdoor show, The Marvelous Meep Island Adventure. The show runs October 8-17 in cities around southern Maine. See for event times and locations.

On the marvelous Meep Island, the Meeps play all day long; until, one fine day, the Somethings come along. Are these Somethings unpleasant? Will these Somethings be kind? What sort of Somethings did the little Meeps find? Come be part of our story and see how it ends; maybe Somethings and Meeps can somehow be friends. A free theatre event for audiences of all ages, presented outside in October on a variety of stages. Bring a blanket, chairs, a picnic; tell your friends and join the fun! This one-hour theatrical adventure is meant for everyone!