Have you ever thought about getting into web application hacking? Maybe you know a few things and you would like to sharpen your skills in testing modern single page web applications? Well, this is the event for you. In this hands-on hacking workshop, Ben Allen (www.dc207.org) will dig in to one of OWASP’s flagship projects, Juice Shop (owasp.org/www-project-juice-shop). Juice Shop emulates an ecommerce web application and is meant to show how modern JavaScript-based applications can be compromised.

In this follow-along workshop we will cover:
–> What OWASP Juice Shop is
–> How to deploy your own Juice Shop on the internet for free
–> How to set your computer up for testing
–> How to hunt for bugs
–> An interactive walk-through of a few challenges

Join Ben Allen, an experienced penetration testing manager and force behind the local hacker/security learning collaborative, DC207. Ben will give the audience an understanding of what security testing looks like for web applications, as well as some basics on how to perform web application security testing, and some resources to learn more.