On Dec. 10, as the world celebrates International Human Rights Day, Maine will join that effort by exploring the way in which the securing of human rights can help transform our society here at home.

As we build a just domestic society, we must ask this question: what do human rights look like here in Maine?

This year, the Maine Human Rights Summit will aim to connect, celebrate, resource, and inspire those who identify themselves to be Human Rights Defenders. Our theme, Cultivating Presence in Maine’s Human Rights Ecosystem, will gather community leaders, organizers, artists, healers and more to interrogate how human rights have shifted throughout Maine’s history, map where efforts are currently mobilizing to protect them, and provide insight into their visions for what a human rights ecosystem can look like. At this time, Maine Human Rights Defenders are grappling with the realities of ongoing crises and their disproportionate effects on marginalized and system-impacted communities around the state. From these challenges arise crucial insight into what is needed in order to achieve a collective vision of equity and justice in the face of adversity.

This conference is open to all organizers, leaders, educators, students, and community members interested in learning more about human rights

To register, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/maine-human-rights-summit-2021-tickets-204849439187.