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Mind Body Spirit Festival in Belfast

Saturday, May 31, 2014 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: University of Maine Hutchinson Center ,Me 04915, 80 Belmont Ave, Belfast, Maine

For more information: 207-314-1499; mindbodyspiritfestival.org

May 31th, Saturday—Mind Body Spirit Festival 10am-4pm. Belfast, Maine. Enjoy this festival of holistic health practitioners, readings from psychics and mediums, animal communicator, medical intuitive, energy healing, aura photography, Reiki, massage, gems, jewelry, workshops, and much more. U.of Me, Hutchinson Center, 80 Belmont Ave, Belfast, Maine 04915. $5.00 admission includes most workshops. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity. For information visit website: www.mindbodyspiritfestival.org or call 207-314-1499

Pamela MacRae Awarded Inaugural Unity College Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

Unity, Maine – Unity College Assistant Professor of Sustainable Fisheries Management Pamela MacRae has been named the recipient of the newly established Unity College Undergraduate Research Mentor Award.

Earlier this year, the directors of the Unity College Undergraduate Research Program and the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs issued a call to faculty to submit proposals for mentoring undergraduate research. Designed to give opportunities to facilitate a robust faculty-student collaborative learning environment, the annual Undergraduate Research Mentor Award allows beneficiaries $1000 in seed money to commence the project, as well as a crucial 3-credit course release in order to have enough dedicated time to pursue the research. A top criterion for selecting a winning submission is that the faculty member offers a clearly detailed explanation of how students will be included in the entire process, from implementation to intensive subject research through completion of the project.

In her proposed project, “A Comparison of Fish Assemblage Structure in Lakes with and without Alewife,” MacRae and a student collaborator will study fish assemblage structure in lakes and investigate the impact of alewives in local Maine waters. They will begin their research Fall 2014.

Specifically, MacRae and her research student will look at the effects of re-introducing alewives on small schooling fishes in the littoral zone, the area of the lake that is close to the shore. These fish typically feed on plankton and are prey to the area sport fish, occupying an important place in aquatic food webs.

“Maine’s historically thriving alewife population has plummeted over the last two centuries, largely due to dams that block the natural spawning migration pattern of the species,” said MacRae. “While the effect on recreational fish of alewife re-introduction has been the focus of various local studies, as a fish community ecologist I think it is as important to examine the impact of the small forage fish in these lakes.”

Wildlife and Fisheries Management major Brian Eaton ‘16, was chosen to work with MacRae on the project. Eaton, a student in MacRae’s Population and Community Ecology course, was a fitting choice having had previous research experience on a project studying fish communities. Additionally, Ian Sypek ’15 and Richard Lee ’15 will be volunteering on this project, helping Eaton with sampling.

“Pamela’s proposal stood out given her coherent research objectives, a sound timeline and the outline of rigorous student learning outcomes,” said Kevin Spigel, Associate Professor of Geoscience and co-director of the Undergraduate Research Program at Unity College. “Her project also indicated robust student involvement, and clearly illustrated the reciprocal benefits of close faculty mentorship which ultimately contributes to a richer undergraduate education.”

In recent years Unity College has gained national attention for a variety of achievements including its focus on sustainability science, the vanguard in the fight for the mitigation of global climate change. Other ground-breaking “green” innovations include the award-winning TerraHaus, the first student residence on a college or university campus built to the Passive House standard, the most energy efficient building standard in the world, and its first-in-the-nation decision to divest from investments in fossil fuels, igniting a growing national movement in higher education.

Through the framework of sustainability science, Unity College provides a liberal arts education that emphasizes the environment and natural resources. Through experiential and collaborative learning, our graduates emerge as responsible citizens, environmental stewards, and visionary leaders.

Dancing Like The Stars

The class of 2015 Project Graduation at Hermon High School will be hosting Dancing Like The Stars on May 10, 2014, at 6:00 PM at Hermon High School. There will be several couples, including Mr. Walsh, the Hermon High School principal! Cost is $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for students. Vote for your favorite couple, at $1.00 per vote. Come on out for a great evening of entertainment, and help support 2015 Project Graduation at Hermon High School! Tickets are available at Danforth’s and C&K, both located in Hermon.


Sunday, May 4, 2014 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Location: Rose Bike, 9 Pine st, Orono, ME

For more information: 2048663525; rosebike.com

Come join Rose Bike and Trek for a factory demo day. Test ride Trek’s new line of Road/ Mountain/ WSD bikes before you buy them. There will be food and beverages available, along with a marked loop for MTB riders. Ride a bike and receive a discount coupon toward the purchase of a new bike. Visit Rose Bike at 9 Pine St, Orono ME or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/rosebike for updates. You can also visit www.trekbikes.com for further information on bike specs./

Rose Bike Trek Demo Day

Sunday, May 4, 2014 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Location: Rose Bike, 9 Pine St, Orono, ME

For more information: 207-866-3525; rosebike.com

Come join Rose Bike and Trek for a factory demo day. Test ride Trek’s new line of Road/ Mountain/ WSD bikes before you buy them. There will be food and beverages available, along with a marked loop for MTB riders. Ride a bike and receive a discount coupon toward the purchase of a new bike. Visit Rose Bike at 9 Pine St, Orono ME or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/rosebike for updates. You can also visit www.trekbikes.com for further information on bike specs.

Rose Bike Trek Demo Day

Come join Rose Bike and Trek for a factory demo day. Test ride Trek’s new line of Road/ Mountain/ WSD bikes before you buy them. There will be food and beverages available, along with a marked loop for MTB riders. Ride a bike and receive a discount coupon toward the purchase of a new bike. Visit Rose Bike at 9 Pine St, Orono ME or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/rosebike for updates. You can also visit www.trekbikes.com for further information on bike specs.

TAMC Cardiac Rehab helps County woman heal heart to help others

Aroostook County – A County woman has a new lease on life and celebrated it recently by walking in the 33rd Annual UMPI Spring Runoff 5K Road Race with a staff member from TAMC’s Cardiac Rehab Department who helped make it possible.

Carolyn Kimball of Presque Isle, a retired Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP) employee and longtime volunteer for various local organizations, always led an active life. She enjoys outdoor activities like walking, hiking, kayaking and biking, and she continued to participate in her active lifestyle despite being aware of an aortic aneurism for the past few years. That all changed early last fall when some ominous symptoms began to appear.

“In September, I started having pains in my arms when I would walk,” said Kimball. Doctors found a 95 percent blockage in one artery and a 90 percent blockage in other areas. I did not know that I had any blockages. That came as a surprise.”

On October 16, doctors performed a triple bypass and re-sectioned the area of her aorta containing the aneurism. The procedures were successful, and she was able to begin her cardiac rehab shortly after Thanksgiving in 2013.

“At admission time, Carolyn came to us very weak and de-conditioned, and she appeared very pale and frail,” said Mitzi McKenney, RN of TAMC’s Cardiac Rehab Department, which is certified by AACVPR (American Association of Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation). Despite that, she came to rehab as a very determined woman.

“Her enthusiastic zest for life was evident by her conversation with me during my assessment,” said McKenney. “She had hopes of regaining some strength and energy so she could return to enjoying many forms of outdoor activities and her regular volunteer hours at TAMC and in the community.”

Ever since Kimball retired, and even before, she has lived a life of giving. She volunteers in the oncology department at TAMC and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer advocating for children in court. She’s also on the board of directors for both the St. Apollonia Dental Clinic in Presque Isle and for ACAP. Among other things, Kimball is also actively involved with her church and enjoys helping with their mission work.

“Part of the admission process in our department is having clients verbalize their goals. As nurses, we then incorporate those goals in the patient plan of care. This has a two-fold benefit. Stating goals benefits the rehab process by defining a purpose for each client. It also keeps each client’s personal goals in front of us as care plan providers,” explained McKenney.

Kimball’s goals were unique in that even her goals for obtaining physical health were woven into her desire to help others, because to give more, she needed to have the strength and endurance to complete physical tasks. Her goals included returning to work as a volunteer, completing a mission trip to Alabama to help work on home repair, walking in a 5K race and climbing Mount Washington with her sister-in-law.

With her goals in mind, Kimball began her road to recovery at Cardiac Rehab. She worked with the staff at TAMC three days a week and then began keeping up an active routine on her off days.

“We follow an exercise prescription and have MET (metabolic equivalent) level stages. A MET level is the energy cost of an activity,” explained McKenney. “The cardiac rehab activities are tailored to the individual. We tweak the difficulty many times so subtle, that the client is unaware that they are working harder, and before long, they are getting stronger and have more endurance.”

Kimball’s determination to reach her goals became stronger with each goal she met. Before long, she had returned to her volunteer activities, and in February she went with a group of 16 people from her church to Alabama.

“We worked hard, and I wasn’t the only one who got tired. I wasn’t really sure that I was going to be able to do that, but the rehab helped a lot,” said Kimball of the experience. “I think my endurance is better now. I can walk up the hill. I get a little out of breath, but not much.”

“To see Carolyn blossom during her weeks of attending cardiac rehab makes me feel so happy and reminds me why I love my job,” said McKenney. “Carolyn’s determination is a wonderful example of encouragement for others.”

Kimball’s participation in UMPI’s Spring Runoff 5K event marked the completion of three of her four goals. Her story inspired McKenney to walk with Kimball in the event and other staff members from rehab and Kimball’s daughter to run in the event.

“The walk was fun, and it was great having Mitzi with me,” said Kimball of her participation in the 5K event. “I was out of breath, so I still have some things to work on.”

With the success of this walk under her belt, Kimball plans to walk in another 5K on May 4. The event is a fundraiser for Homeless Services of Aroostook and the Hope & Justice Project.

Kimball has one more goal left to complete, which she plans to do this summer when she climbs Mount Washington with her sister-in-law. Every step she takes is training and conditioning for this final feat. In preparation, she plans to first scale some smaller mountains. She knows she has a busy few months ahead of her, but she knows she can do it.

Kimball hopes that her success and experience can inspire others to consider cardiac rehab. “I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone,” she said. “A lot of people get very depressed, but every time I went to rehab, I felt better. I think it’s good psychologically as well as physically.”

Kimball recommends that cardiac rehab patients set goals by finding something they enjoy doing and then making that a goal. “It could be gardening, riding a bike, looking after children… I feel like I was given an extension on my life, that’s enough to make anyone happy,” she said.

McKenney says cardiac rehab can offer the same opportunity for a second lease on life to others.

“Cardiac rehab provides a safety net of activities that show a patient what they can do safely at home. It also provides an extra set of eyes on a client as they continue to heal post operatively or post cardiac event such as a heart attack,” said McKenney. “We see the patients generally every other day, and many times we can detect a problem or a need for physician intervention or a medication adjustment long before the patient’s scheduled appointment.”

McKenney says a camaraderie develops between patients and staff from the rehab sessions, which is a big boost to the patients. This encouragement is so significant, that the Cardiac Rehab Department at TAMC has established a Healthy Hearts Club so that alumni can continue to participate in the environment even after graduating from their program.

For more information on TAMC’s Cardiac Rehab Department, call 207.768.4307.

Down East Singers offers way to remember loved ones on Memorial Day

Monday, May 26, 2014 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: Camden Opera House, 29 Elm St., Camden

ROCKPORT, Maine — Down East Singers’ annual Memorial Day concert will offer an opportunity this year for “in memoriam” recognition in the printed concert program.

The concert, 5 p.m. Monday, May 26, will be held at the Camden Opera House.

Those who wish to have loved ones remembered with a line listing on a designated page in the program may do so for $10 per name (Mary Smith, for instance) or $15 for a combined listing (Mary and John Smith, for instance). Only first and last names should be used—no titles or honorifics.

Down East Singers, accompanied by the Mozart Mentors Orchestra, will perform Delmar Dustin Small’s “As It Began to Dawn,” an Easter oratorio. Small, a resident of Litchfield, is the music department administrator at Bowdoin College. Several soloists, all members of the 60-member chorus, will be featured.

To be included on the In Memoriam page, send a note with the name or names typed or printed neatly, and a check for the correct amount to Down East Singers, P.O. Box 996, Rockport, ME 04856. The deadline is May 8. More information is available from Merrilee Brown, 832-1775 or merrileeb@roadrunner.com. The website is downeastsingers.org.

Maine Humanities Council receives $150,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities


For More Information:

Lizz Sinclair, Maine Humanities Council, 207-773-5051

April 24, 2014

PORTLAND, Maine – The Maine Humanities Council has received a grant of $150,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop and offer programming for veterans in Maine and nationwide. Building on the multi-year track record of MHC’s Literature & Medicine: Humanities at the Heart of Healthcare program for caregivers and staff within the VA system in Maine and several other states, this new variant will offer facilitated reading and discussion programs to veterans directly.

The program, a multi-session reading and discussion group, will provide an informal, non-military setting for veterans to connect and share their experiences, give voice to interests and issues of concern, and engage with other veterans. The program, to be developed in partnership with a team of veterans and humanities professionals, will be based on issues and themes that those veterans have highlighted as important to them. The initial programs will take place in Maine and twelve other states throughout the U.S.

“The Council is very proud to have been awarded this grant from the NEH and to have been chosen to develop nationwide humanities programming for veterans,” said MHC Executive Director Hayden Anderson. “We look forward to working with, and learning from, Maine’s veterans as they guide us in developing and offering this program.”

The first sessions are expected to launch this summer.

About Maine Humanities Council

The Maine Humanities Council is an independent, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the people of Maine deepen their understanding of themselves, their communities, and the world. The Council works with volunteer literacy programs, educators, school systems and libraries to promote the power and pleasure of ideas through its programming; the Council also provides grants supporting projects in community history, exhibits, workshops and other areas of study.

Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this press release do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Mercy Hospital’s Sarah Vasil honored for work in sexual assault

PORTLAND, Maine – Mercy Health System of Maine is pleased to announce that Sarah Vasil, RN, a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) in the Emergency Department, was presented with this year’s SAFE Award on April 1, at the annual Blaine House Tea on April 1. Her exceptional dedication and care for patients who have been victims of sexual assault set her apart; as did her support of the local Sexual Assault Response Team.

“Sarah is an integral part of our Emergency Department. Her dedication as a SAFE is vital for the community and for the victims. It is an honor to work with her,” said Alicia Paquette, RN BSN, Emergency Department Manager at Mercy Hospital, in a press release. “She has truly transformed the level of care that sexual assault patients experience at Mercy.”

Vasil oversees the SAFE program and resources that support patients who have been victims of sexual assault. She is recognized by her peers and providers for her achievements and for her demonstrated leadership in the workplace, her nursing practices that improve the quality of care for victims of violence, and her encouragement and support of nurses in-training through mentoring and teaching in the clinical setting.

South Portland Maine Hosts 2014 USA Ultimate High School NorthEasterns Championship

Saturday, May 10, 2014 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, May 11, 2014 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Wainwright Recreational Complex, 125 Gary L. Maietta Parkway, South Portland , Maine

For more information: (207) 767-7650; maineultimate.org/northeasterns

May 10-11

PORTLAND, ME April 21, 2014 – Maine Ultimate, a Portland-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting the sport of Ultimate in Maine, will be hosting the 2014 Northeastern High School Ultimate Championships (known as Northeasterns). The event, sponsored by USA Ultimate, Maine Ultimate, the Maine Sports Commission, and the Greater Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau, will take place at the Wainwright Recreation Complex in South Portland on May 10 & 11.

With more than 30 high school teams from as far away as Pennsylvania expected to compete and an anticipated overall attendance of over 1000, this event is not-to-be-missed!

In addition to spectating this great event, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious lunches in the sun courtesy of the Ultimate Food Truck Event on both days (Saturday, May 10 and Sunday, May 11) at the Wainwright Complex, from 11am-3pm. Please see below for a full list of food trucks at the event.

WHAT: USA Ultimate High School Northeastern Regional Championship (NorthEasterns)

WHEN: May 10, 11 Games Start at 9am

WHERE: Wainwright Recreation Complex/South Portland/Maine

OTHER INFO: Ultimate Food Truck Event/Wainwright Complex/11AM – 3PM

TRUCKS: Brothers Burritos / Gustos / PB&Me /Wicked Good Truck / El Corazon / Pizza by Fire /Love Cupcake/ Franks Hot Dogs

The Event is free and open to the public. For more information please contact izzy@izzyforman.com


About the Maine Sports Commission: The Maine Sports Commission’s primary goal is to strengthen efforts to attract national and regional sporting events to Maine, to increase Maine’s share of the $7 billion sector. Through these efforts, the Maine Sports Commission aims to help the state and the citizens of Maine realize the positive economic impact and social benefits of sports and healthy lifestyles. For more information, visitwww.mainesportscommission.com

About Maine Ultimate: Maine Ultimate is a (501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in the Portland, ME area. Our mission is to promote the sport of Ultimate in Maine by sponsoring teams, leagues and events, espousing the value of player-officiated competition and the international code of ethics unique to Ultimate, known as Spirit of the Game. We welcome and encourage new players and coaches to join the sport. For more information, please visit http://maineultimate.com/

About the Convention + Visitors Bureau: The mission of the Convention + Visitors Bureau of Greater Portland is to stimulate the economic vitality of Greater Portland by soliciting and servicing conventions, meetings, groups, and visitors and by promoting Greater Portland as a preferred destination. For more information, please visit http://www.visitportland.com/

“Framily Feud” Gameshow: Politicians VS Pastors & Concert Fundraiser

Saturday, May 10, 2014 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Location: Williamson Performing Arts Center, 9 School Street, Fairfield, Maine

For more information: 207-643-6016; newhopeshelter.com

The New Hope Women’s Shelter is hosting a “Framily Feud” Game show event to be held at the Williamson Performing Arts Center in Fairfield on May 10 from 4-8:30 PM for the purpose of helping furnish the kitchen of our nearly finished facility. You will witness area politicians and area pastors competing in this exciting game show with audience participation in the second game show! Musical Guests will be The Founded Trio and Band and The Tom Cole Family Band. Silent Auction will be held, many door prizes awarded, and food will be available!! To see the items available for silent auction and door prizes, check out our website at www.newhopeshelter.com or ‘like’ the New Hope Women’s Shelter on facebook!

UMA Announces Fall 2013 full-time student Dean’s List

AUGUSTA, Maine — Provost Joseph Szakas has announced the University of Maine at Augusta’s 2013 Fall Semester Dean’s List.  To be on the Dean’s List, a student must earn a 3.25 grade point average for a given semester and must be enrolled full-time.


Auburn: Subhecchya Ghimire, Michele McClure, Penny Tozier

Durham: Zachary Kilton

Lewiston: Miranda Dixon, Nicole Doustou, Cameron Lopez, Arika Olsen, Brian Smith, James Stewart, Nicholas Whitmor.

Lisbon: Angelica Bulgin,

Lisbon Falls: Christopher Conner, Caitlin Ramsay

Livermore: Holly Dubord

Livermore Falls: Michael Hebert

Sabattus: Karl Schadlich



Amity: Stephanie McGary

Cary Plt: Casey Quint

Connor Twp: Jessica Chasse

Hodgdon: Craig Lincoln, Chelsea Sloat

Houlton: Dawn Denbow, Kimberly McGillicuddy, Olivia Nickerson

Saint David: Susan Hillegass

Silver Ridge: Twp Trudee Ramsa

Kayli Farrar: Smyrna Mills



Bridgton: Keith McDonald

Brunswick: Crystal Anthony, Mark Anthony, Amanda Bridges, Chad Ceccarini, Jared Cofer, Andrew Davis, Kaija Fellman, Alexandra Jaksons,

Falmouth: Tiffany Mayhew

Freeport: Monica Aaskov, Kimberly McClelland, Gerard Perry, Charles Tompson

Gorham: Benjamin Baines

Harpswell: Dorie Barnes, Stephanie Whittingham

Naples: Jennifer Kenyon

New Gloucester: Allan French

Portland: Harper Chance, Danielle Pratt, Amanda Williams

Scarborough: Abbey Pelletier, Abbey Slinker

Windham: Taliesin Amero, Jonathon Raines



Chesterville: Katherine Gregory, Michelle Moon

Farmington: Benjamin Bailey, Mechele Brown, Corinne Dingley

Jay: Brianna Farrington, Janet Pottle

New Sharon: Courtney Frost

Stratton: Angela Hasenbank



Amherst: Stanley Kosinski

Bar Harbor: Kathy Shields

Blue Hill: Savannah Raiten

Bucksport: Katie Shook

Ellsworth: Kristen Schlaefer, Jessie Stewart, Krystal Wasson, Lauren White,

Hulls Cove: Patrick Skeate

Lamoine: Allison Wilson

Mariaville: Stacey Herrick

Seal Cove: Nicole Murphy

Southwest Harbor: Maxine Benson, Alysia Reeder

Stonington: Caroline Turner

Surry: Janice Cross,

Trenton: Brian Harris



Augusta: Matthew Clark, Albion; Brittney White, Albion; Jaimee Anderson, Augusta; Dennis Brown, John Burnham, Brian Burns, Joshua Carrier, Michelle Cueto, Jordan Elston, Sarah Fortin, Robert Foss, Kylie Francois, Teagan Garbacik, Holly Hamilton, Courtney Jicks, Jay Joslyn, Erika King, Stephen Kramer, Anthony Lopatosky, Allyssa Marson, Brenda McArthur, Lynn Merrill, Doreen Morgan, John Nesbit, Logan Parker, Todd Parker, Philippe Patenaude, Erik Peterson, Tristan Power, Chelsea Roberts, Lindsay Ryan, Serena Schnepper, Amanda Seekins, Rebecca Singer, Bryant Sirois, Ryan Soucie, Nicholas Stiles, Daniel Sullivan, Matthew Swift, Kristel Thyrring, Christopher Veilleux, Diane Vinal, Kristina Wilbur, Jared Wilkinson,

Belgrade: Patrick Hunt, Sarah Johnson, Jacob Roddy,

Benton: Jillian Guthrie, Stefanie Wells

Chelsea: Ruth Henderson, Nicholas Kimball, Brooke Thibodeau, Jennifer Voter,

China: Emily Smithson

Clinton: Danielle Chesley, Keith Chesley, Courtney Koller, Bridget Ryan,

Fairfield: Nathan Letourneau

Farmingdale: Jacob Allen, Stephanie Grant, Jonathon Markham,

Gardiner: Bridget Duffy, Mariah Moore, Denise Terrell, Frank Tutwiler, Christina Williams, Carmen Wright,

Hallowell: Nathanial Chadwick, Kelly Doyle, Danielle Fullmer, Chastity Morton, Lucas Mosher, Julia Taylor, Sheryl Wing, Roxanne Zwaga,

Litchfield: Patrick Caskin, Dennis Dove, Amy LaBossiere

Manchester: Brynna Bedard, Alyra Donisvitch, Mariah Maheux, Kari Mullen-McLaughlin

Monmouth: Amber Bragg, Jasmine Cook, Tamara Frost, Jennie Gendreau, Allyx Kelley, Stephanie Knaus-Tucker, Sherry Laliberte

Mount Vernon: Nicole Cyr, Kelsey Gray, Peter Herman, Elizabeth Levesque,

North Monmouth: Stephanie Merrill

Oakland: Shaenen Gilpatrick, Kelly Jeremie, Julie Kern, Ariel Perryman

Pittston: Nathan Tibbetts, Jennifer Webb

Randolph: Benjamin Godfrey, Rhiannon Ludder, Kristyn Smith;

Readfield: Kathleen Harger, Jackson Smith, Shawn Staples

Sidney: Ryan Fairfield, Rome; Michael Archer, Tobby Bragdon, Kristen Cormier, Jacob Luce, Casey Milligan, Janet Morang, Rebecca Winter,

South China: Andrew Breault, Chele Fuller, Baileigh Gosselin, Jeanne Hanson, Candis Howard, Catherine Morse, Sydney Watson,

South Gardiner: Aaron Hall, Katelynn Ranks,

Vassalboro: Karen Giles, Danielle Morin, Nicholas Roberge, Judith Rodriguez Salas, James Worcester,

Waterville: Joshua Bonney, Alyssa Carrow, Robert Condon, Courtney Gallant, Tristen Hinkle, Jeri Keene, Jessica Morton, Hemalkumar Patel, Brian Phipps, Heidi Ploszaj, Paula St Hilaire, Michael Temple, Ashley Welch,

Wayne: Morgan Birtwell

West Gardiner: Nicole Hallett, Charlotte MacDonald, Emily MacDonald, Shannon McLaughlin, Kory Peckham,

Windsor; Andrea Avery, Elizabeth Knight, Courtney Pushard, Brayden Richards, Heather Rock,

Winslow: Richard Frappier, Sean McCarthy, Travis Whitman, Allison Woodside,

Winthrop: Christopher Balcer, Lorin Bryant, Felicia Lucas, Clinton Pettengill, Tara Stevens, Sara Vogel



Appleton: Wenda Fisher

Camden: Kendall Espinosa, Rachael Hendrick, Douglas Lord, Zia Sulick, Barbara Toler

Friendship: Stephanie Ross, Tristan Walker

Hope: Christopher Josselyn

Owls Head: Holly Leuning, Helen Rogers,

Rockland: Brent Adams, Martin Feracci, Frederick Fruehan II, Ralene Hallett, Erin Hustus, Rhonda Lee, Daniel Osier, Jessica Rackliff, Liam Sigaud

Rockport: Richard Fortuna, Crystal Thomas

Thomaston: Margaret Troost,

Rachel Coor, Union; Geoffrey Hancock, Union; Daniel Marquis, Union;

Vinalhaven: Erik Jackson

Warren: Jennifer Boynton, Kelly Leidenroth, Kimberly Reed, Laura Ruffner, Katie Smith, Monica Wood

West Rockport: Reney Crochere



Alna: Patricia Swain

Boothbay Harbor: Katherine Landry

Damariscotta: Jennifer Delano

Dresden: Angela Musto, Doris Wible

East Boothbay: Brian Donovan

Jefferson: Peter Hartung, Andrea James, Barbara Kirchdorfer, Matthew Knight, Abigail Peabody

Newcastle: Amy Krawic

Nobleboro: Alyssa FitzGerald,  Zachary Lane

Somerville: Briana Jones, Nicole Matthews

Waldoboro: Zachary Melvin, Roy Sawyer, Kristine Wagstaff

Whitefield: Jacqueline Cartlidge, Sarah Garthoff, Christine McCormick

Wiscasset: Jillian King



Bethel: Shanta Hoff

Bryant Pond: Jeffery Allen, Brittany Kesseli

Canton: Jonathan Ramos

Dixfield: Jamie Luczynski, Jonathan McPherson

Hartford: Tiffany Labbe,

Mexico: Erin Beedy, Heather Burgess, Michael Dolloff, Ashley Duguay, Kathrynne Gerrish, Rebecca Marcoux,

Norway: Kimberly Lee, Dori Lynn, Emily Woodworth

Otisfield: Tammy Thomas

Oxford: Marie Sleight

Peru: Thomas Cox

Rumford: Sheila Albanesi, Kim Cocca, Wesley Dunbar, Bryan Lucas, Lisa Worthley

South Paris: Taylor Black, Kelley Evtushek, Richarda Marston

West Paris: Steve Gravel, Martha Thompson



Argyle Twp: Kelly Borrello

Bangor: Emilee Bachelder, Kerrie Beckett, Shaun Bourque, Karen Bradford, Derek Bragdon, Chynna Brooker, Melissa Brooks, Travis Bryant, Victoria Budge, Amanda Buzzell, Lori Chalila, Carly Cloukey, Nicholas Coad, Chelsea Curran, Andrew Curtis, Tammy Denning, Lewis Giles, Kylie Glidden, Kevin Greene, Lettie Harris, Earl Hill, John Hinte, Kylie Jettinghoff, Whitney Jordan, Nicholas Leeman, Jennifer McClure, Bram McConnell, Sarah McGowan, Betsy Megquier, Kandy Nichols, Brad O’Brien, Ryan Reed, Regan Robson, Kayla Rockwell, Kristen Sanderson, Cherry Saucier, Rachel Small, Laurie Smith, Tina Sora, Sarah Spade, Valerie Thompson,

Bradford: Jeffrey Williams, Megan Young,

Bradley: Jodi Worcester,

Brewer: Amanda Bielefield, Emilee Brochu, Laurie Frisbey, Krystal Higgins, Trease Hodge, Heather Lyon, Ashley Perry, Anastasia Salls, Deborah Smith, Erica Sturrock,

Carmel: Jessica Bishop, Cassandra DuBose, Kevin Holland,

Charleston: Amanda Crocker

Corinna: Misty Reynolds

East Millinocket: Kathy Grant

Eddington: Aaron Graham

Etna: Stephen Grondin

Exeter: Annette Coderre-Proulx, Barbara McGowen,

Garland: Heaven Riendeau

Glenburn: Heather Ellis, Tyler Lucas, Mara Michaud,

Greenbush: Jessie Stone

Greenfield Twp: Jill Fletcher,

Hampden: Lance Ambrose, Meredith Bean, Brendon Ford, Suzanne Fougere, Emily Nelson, Victoria Roy, Melanie Thurlow, Lauren Verow, Abigail White

Hermon: Jennifer Alley, Misty Beylerian, Abigail Burgess, Dwayne Parsons, Janel St Peter,

Hudson: Krista Foster

Indian Island: Jason Pardilla

Kenduskeag: Paul Leonard

Lee: Kyra Bourgoin, Spencer Thurlow

Levant: Melinda Coffin, Teresa Daly, Matthew McLaughlin, Ashlie Page, Dylan Roy

Lincoln: Rianne Gardner, Evan Haskell, Abigail Priest, Elisabeth Stevens, Melissa Troulis

Milford: Jennifer Carlow, Chelsie Libby, Brent Wilbur

Millinocket: Jennifer Jandreau, Theresa Johansen, Lindsey McLain,Kelly Seile,

Newburgh: Brooke Getchell, Tegan Ober,

Newport: Beverly Buker, Heather Elderkin, Joseph Haskell

Old Town: Megan Babb, Cori Conary, Tabitha Olmstead

Orono: Nikolas Dimoulas

Orrington: Erich Hunter, Holly Hunter, Hannah Leonard, Emily Speid, Amelia Violette, Patricia Violette

Prentiss Twp: Stacy Pacelli

Veazie: Kerrianne Howland,  Heather Saucier



Abbot: Brittany Burnett

Dover Foxcroft: Denise Malloy, Chelsi Martell

Greenville: Skye Hinkley

Guilford: Velvet Bennett, Seth Fortier, Peter McGuire

Sangerville: Ashley Bowley, Kimberly Eyster



Bath: Christina Gilpatric, Paula Gustafson, Larissa Jacobs, Bonnie LaFrance, Ashley MacArthur, Adam Simmler

Richmond: Lori Baizley, Donovan Chapman, Duncan Chesley, Kevin Marshall, Kimberly Merrill, Daniel Ouellette, Jamie Plummer, Katie Webster

Topsham: Alishia Campbell, Cassandra Henson, Shaun Iles, Julieann Lamoreau, Robert Levesque, Bolaji Odunlami, Melissa Ward

Woolwich: Diane Bibber-Oden, Randall Keach, Megan Nelson, Ethan Percy, Linda Potts-Crawford



Canaan: Mechanzie Perkins,

Detroit: Harry Ward

Fairfield: Jessica Robichaud

Madison: Jonathan Petrey, Jessica Smart

Norridgewock: Danielle Devaney, Kimberly Garcia

Palmyra: Christopher London

Pittsfield: Hannah Bickford, Brittney Glencross,

Saint Albans: Michelle Lacombe

Skowhegan: Gretchen Clark, Alexis Cote, Kylie Damon, Kim Nelson, Tessa Robinson,

Solon: Erica Davis, Billie Lawrence

Starks: Natasha Tweedie



Belfast: Heather Marlow, Chelsey Roy

Burnham: Kathy Burt, Brittanie Holt

Frankfort: Alexander Webster

Knox: Rurik Brackett

Lincolnville: Maria Irrera, Ryan Nisbet, Olivia Seibel

Montville: Thomas Carter, Carly Jackson

Palermo: Dawn Fowler, Vanessa Roldan,

Searsmont: Melissa Harding

Searsport: Travis Rowe

Unity: Bailie Nason

Winterport: Charla Burnett, Diane Dorcy, Aylah Ireland



Beals: RoseMarie Carver

Harrington: Melessa Cunningham

Milbridge: Kayla Beal

Princeton: Kimberly Carter, Lydia Mather



Alfred: Jared Valiquet

Arundel: Lee Demers

Lebanon: Jessica Michaud

North Waterboro: Jocelyn Acheson

Old Orchard Beach: Abigail Campbell

Springvale: Lien Fajardo, Barrie-Jean Watson


Out of State 

Hannah Milligan, Bella Vista, AR,

Susanne Huskey, Fort Huachuca, AZ

Chandra Stehle, Chandler, AZ

Alyssa Stanley, Arvada, CO

Adam Chamberlain, Augusta, GA

Rebecca Seaborn, Yates City, IL

Frank Niemiec, Mishawaka, IN

Tracy Labreck, Barksdale AFB, LA

Daniel Pozner, Canton, MA

Elizabeth Talley, Bel Air, MD

Shelley Price, Rochester, NH

Amanda Fleig, Stanley, NY

Joshua Jones, Millersburg, OH

Ashleigh Minor, Hilliard, OH

Morgan McNaughton, Newmanstown, PA

Courtney Mullins, Pound, VA


Thomas Helios, Locmaria-Plouzané, France

Fabien Jaffre, Plouzané, France

Brittany Randall, Mannheim, Germany

Bay Chamber Music School Open House Faculty Recital

Sunday, May 4, 2014 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Location: Bay Chamber Music School, Village of Rockport, Rockport, Maine

For more information: 207-236-2823; baychamberconcerts.org

ROCKPORT, Maine —  Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School is hosting an Open House and Faculty Recital on Sunday, May 4, in Rockport Village. The Music School will be open 1-2:30 p.m. for tours of the studios, to meet the faculty and to experience mini-lessons on a wide variety of instruments.

The community is invited to the first Faculty Recital at 3 p.m. in the beautifully restored Union Hall, just down the block from the Music School on Central Street in Rockport. The program features the Music School’s instructors, all of whom have important careers as professional performers. Strings, piano, voice and ukulele are some of the instruments the audience will hear in a versatile program of classical music and original compositions by the faculty of the school.

The recital is a fundraiser for the scholarship fund at the Bay Chamber Music School. Every year more than $50,000 is awarded in financial aid to aspiring students, with more than 40 percent of  those enrolled receiving support. Free-will donations from the audience will be matched by a generous trustee of the music school.

For more information about the Open House, Faculty Recital or other Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School’s offerings, please call 207-236-2823 or visit www.baychamberconcerts.org.

Modern Media and Women’s Health with Ruby Nash

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Location: Mabel Wadsworth Women's Health Center, 700 Mt. Hope Ave. Suite 420, Bangor, Maine

For more information: 207-947-5337; mabelwadsworth.org

The human experience is increasingly mediated. All messaging about politics, products, and culture come to us in manipulated form through publicity, marketing, or advertising. Media is used constantly to orchestrate how we feel, and what we think and do. It has real and lasting consequences in our lives. Without awareness of the machinery working to influence us, the choices we make are not our own. This workshop will seek to create awareness of modern media’s incredible influence on women’s physical, mental, financial, sexual, and digital health.

Free Event. Light Refreshments.

RSVP required to attend.

To RSVP email educate@mabelwadsworth.org or call 947-5337.

Bay Chamber Music School introduces new faculty members

ROCKPORT, Maine – Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School is proud to announce the addition of two new faculty members to its roster of professionals: Nate Martin, double bass instructor and Nicole Rabata, flute.
Both Martin and Rabata will teach private lessons to all ages and abilities at the Music School studios in the Shepherd Building in Rockport Village.

Nate Martin has been playing the double bass since he was 13, and participated with the top ensembles at the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras and the New England Conservatory Prep Program. He continued his education at Boston University (BM ’11) and New England Conservatory (MM ’13) where he studied with Edwin Barker and Todd Seeber of the Boston Symphony.  Most recently he participated in the National Arts Center Orchestra of Canada’s Institute for Orchestral Studies, where he was seen in halls in Ottawa, Toronto, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Beijing under Maestro Pinchas
Zukerman. Nate enjoys hiking, libraries, food, beer, and the night sky. He makes his home in Lincolnville.

Nicole Rabata has performed extensively throughout Europe and the United States as a soloist and chamber musician. Highlights include appearances at the International Flute Festival of Lund, Sweden, the Magic Flute Festival in Stockholm, the Portland Chamber Music Festival and the National Flute
Convention in San Diego. Most recently, Nicole performed with Bayside Trio as part of Bay Chamber Concerts Music at Noon series at the Farnsworth Art Museum this winter.  She holds an Artists’ Diploma and Masters Degree in Performance from Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England and she currently serves on the faculty at Colby College.

 Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School is hosting an open house and faculty recital at 1 p.m. Sunday, May 4, in Rockport Village. Nate Martin will be available to meet interested students and will also be featured on the Faculty Recital with fellow faculty member Malcolm Brooks at 3 p.m.at  the Union Hall in Rockport. Both of these events are free and open to the public.

For more information about lessons in flute, bass or any of the many music school offerings, please call 207-236-2823 or visit www.baychamberconcerts.org.

Annual Kiwanis Spring Yard Sale in Bangor

Saturday, May 3, 2014 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location: Fireside Inn, Main Street, Bangor, Maine

For more information: 207-478-2189

BANGOR, Maine – The Bangor Breakfast Kiwanis will hold its annual Spring Yard Sale 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, May 3, on the front lawn of the Fireside Inn, Main Street in Bangor, across from the Cross Insurance Center.

Donations of clean, saleable items are being sought.Contact Jim Vashon at 478-2189 or Jackie Fish at 356-0770.

Proceeds will benefit Kiwanis Charities for children and their families throughout the greater Bangor area.

Zonta Club Basket Bingo at Bangor

Sunday, May 4, 2014 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: Davis Community Center, Davis Road, Bangor, Maine

For more information: 207-391-2522

BANGOR, Maine — Zonta Club of Bangor Basket Bingo will begin at 1 p.m. Sunday, May 4, at Davis Community Center, Bangor. Cost is $12 per person or $10 per person for groups of four or more. Doors open at noon and games begin at 1 p.m. Prizes are lovely Longaberger Baskets valued around $100 each.  Tickets can be purchased by calling Bonnie at 391-2522 or at the door.


First Annual Ernest H. Philbrick Memorial Golf Tournament

Saturday, May 31, 2014 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Whitetail Golf course, School road, Charleston, Maine

For more information: 207-355-5457; highviewchristianacademy.org

Tournament to be held at Whitetail Golf Course in Charleston on May 31st. Will be scramble format with two shotgun starts. First shotgun start will be at 8:00 AM for 7 teams and second will be at 1:00 for seven teams. Entry fee for 4 player teams is $500 with all proceeds to benefit the Ernest H. Philbrick scholarship fund. Entry fee includes 18 holes, cart, and lunch. There will also be a long drive and closest to pin competitions. For more info.and to get registration form contact Mike Rowe at 355-5457. you can also sponsor a hole for $100. Tournament hosted by Highview Christian Academy. Visit us at www.highviewchristianacademy.org for more info. on the school.

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