November 19, 2019
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Closings, cancellations and delays

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Last update at November 19th 5:36 am

OtherUna Voice Chamber ChoirClosed
SchoolAthens Community SchoolDelayed 1 hour Today
SchoolCornville Regional Charter SchoolDelayed 2 hours Today
SchoolE. Millinocket/ Medway School DeptDelayed 2 hours Today
SchoolGreenville Consolidated SchoolDelayed 2 hours Today
SchoolHarmony SchoolDelayed 1 hour Today
SchoolHelen S Dunn SchoolDelayed 2 hours Today
SchoolKingman ElementaryOpening Late 2 hours Today
SchoolLee AcademyOpening Late 2 hours Today
SchoolMSAD 30Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolMSAD 58Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolMSAD 582 Hour Delay
SchoolMSAD 59Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolMSAD 70Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolMillinocket School DepartmentClosed Tuesday
SchoolRSU 29Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolRSU 54Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolRSU 542 Hour Delay
SchoolRSU 592 Hour Delay
SchoolRSU 67Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolRSU 68Delayed 1 hour Today
SchoolRSU 74Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolRSU 89Opening Late 2 hours Today
SchoolRSU#83/MSAD#13Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolRangeley Lakes Regional School2 Hour Delay
SchoolSAD 4 / RSU 80Delayed 1 hour Today
SchoolSAD 46 DexterDelayed 1 hour Today
SchoolSAD31Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolSAD41Delayed 2 hours Today
SchoolSpurwink School, CornvilleOpening Late 2 hours Today

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