Goodbye, Alaska Highway!

on Sept. 23, 2016, at 10:45 a.m.
Last year, we counted off the signs of civilization as we lost them. This year, those same amenities crowd back into our vision like not-particularly-welcome relatives.

Enter To Win 2 Tickets To See Anthony Bourdain!

on Sept. 22, 2016, at 9:12 p.m.
Yes, you read the title correctly! If you weren’t lucky enough to snag tickets to see Anthony Bourdain, you can enter to win 2, right here. Bourdain will be back in Portland on October 9th at The Cross Insurance Arena at 6 pm for The Hunger Tour to promote his …

On the edge of civilization

on Sept. 22, 2016, at 9:55 a.m.
I’m not sure who’s suffering more, the car or Mary. I’ll push the liquids at both of them.

Mmmm, doughnuts: Krispy Kreme plans to open first store in Maine, with more to come

on Sept. 22, 2016, at 9:32 a.m.
Krispy Kreme, the doughnut chain that rivals Dunkin’ Donuts in popularity in many parts of the country, announced back in February that it and a franchise partner were eyeing opening a few locations in Maine — which would be the only Krispy Kreme stories in New England north of Connecticut. …

Slab – Tales of a Very Large Piece of Pizza

on Sept. 21, 2016, at 8:13 p.m.
I first went to and reviewed Slab a couple years ago, not too long after they opened. The Preble St. Sicilian slab specialist was just getting its footing, ready to offer its own style of pie to Portland. Since that first trip, I’ve been to the pizza purveyor a number …

Twice told tales

on Sept. 21, 2016, at 12:31 p.m.
Mary’s illness gave me the opportunity to paint rock-flour water, so I backtracked to Muncho Lake and the Toad River. Good mother, egh?

Volunteers honor Jewett Williams during a September 17 memorial service at Togus

on Sept. 20, 2016, at 4 p.m.
Gathered between a Confederate re-enactor’s tent and the brushy edge of a mown field at the Togus VA Hospital complex in Chelsea, some 30-35 people gathered to conduct a memorial service for Pvt. Jewett B. Williams on Saturday, Sept. 17. The service took place as part of the Maine Living …

Little bear

on Sept. 20, 2016, at 11:51 a.m.
Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park is a hot-spot for bear-human interaction, and this year was particularly hard.

Honey Cinnamon Applesauce

on Sept. 20, 2016, at 11:26 a.m.
Little cups have taken up residence on surfaces around my kitchen. They are of different sizes and shapes, but bear a few striking resemblances: Each cup has plastic wrap tightly fitted on the top, secured with a rubber band saved from my morning newspaper delivery. Each one has little holes …

Whoopie Pie Cafe in Brewer to close; Bangor location to stay open

on Sept. 20, 2016, at 9:54 a.m.
Owner James Gallagher announced on Tuesday that Friday, Sept. 30 will be the last day in business for the Brewer location of the Whoopie Pie Cafe. Gallagher said in a press release that his cafe, specializing in multiple flavors of whoopie pies as well as sandwiches, soups and salads, would …

Spicy Tomato Soup to Can for Winter Eating

on Sept. 20, 2016, at 9:40 a.m.
This rich, deeply flavorful tomato soup will taste so good next winter accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich, or not, that you’ll feel like planting an acre of tomatoes. Well, I exaggerate, but only a little. This soup is a pretty good reason to stick a few more plants in …
Lee-Russel Dunn is the baker at Fork & Spoon in Bangor. He makes all of the pastries and breads fresh each morning. Dunn makes loaves of ciabatta bread Friday morning.

With a new owner and menu, Bangor’s Fork & Spoon focuses on ‘quirky and conscious’ food

By Emily Burnham on Sept. 20, 2016, at 6:23 a.m.
“People always told me, ‘You should open a restaurant!’ But it’s so scary to do that. You never know if it’ll actually work,” said Elisabeth Dean. “It’s been a long time coming.”

Oh, the people you’ll meet.

on Sept. 19, 2016, at 9:51 p.m.
There is something about this land that brings out self-reliance, or perhaps it attracts the self-reliant.

The importance of independent bookstores

on Sept. 18, 2016, at 11 a.m.
In a recent interview with PBS, Ann Patchett, bestselling author of books like Bel Canto, State of Wonder and the just-released novel Commonwealth, discussed her involvement with Parnassus Books, an independent bookstore in Nashville. (The entire interview is great, but skip ahead to about 5:18 to hear specifically about the store.) …

Monomouths Among us

on Sept. 17, 2016, at 1:32 p.m.
In which I remind you there are sometimes good causes just to nod and smile. Monomouths are rare, but daunting.

Top of the World to you

on Sept. 16, 2016, at 1:11 p.m.
Our last major dirt road was the Taylor Highway in Alaska, and it was a doozy.

The Alaska Range

on Sept. 16, 2016, at 11:14 a.m.
  “The Alaska Range,” oil on canvas board, by Carol L. Douglas Neither rain nor snow nor threat of sleep deprivation shall keep us from our appointed rowdiness. Mary and I coined that as our trip’s slogan. It’s insane. Mary has a cold and I’m feeling an irksome scratchiness to …
A "hamburger" made of cashews, sun-dried tomatoes and cilantro is whipped up in seconds in Elizabeth Fraser's Girl Gone Raw kitchen.

Raw revolution sprouts under an unassuming Portland roof

By Kathleen Pierce on Sept. 16, 2016, at 10:13 a.m.
“Discovering raw food changed my life, and I need to share,” said Elizabeth Fraser, who started teaching “uncooking” classes in her Munjoy Hill kitchen six years ago.

Where are the Franco-Americans?

on Sept. 16, 2016, at 9:56 a.m.
Between 1850 and 1930, something like a million French Canadians left Canada for the United States.  Today, their descendants number almost 10,000,000.  But where did they go?  Which parts of the US have the most people of French-Canadian descent? We can go some way to answering those questions by using …

State official’s comment stirs troll firestorm in Jewett Williams’ burial controversy

on Sept. 14, 2016, at 7 p.m.
Comments attributed to the director of Maine’s Bureau of Veterans Services in a Bangor Daily News article posted online at 6:16 a.m., Wednesday, September 14 have generated a troll-fuelled firestorm. Written by Abigail Curtis and headlined “Dispute arises over Maine Civil War veteran’s final resting place” ( the article discussed …