January 23, 2020
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Visit 75 parrots and 1 emu at Siesta Sanctuary Open House

Event organizer: Margaret Buschmann
Event Date & Time: August 3, 2019 1:00 pm until August 3, 2019 5:00 pm
Contact email: info@SiestaSanctuary.org
For more information: https://www.siestasanctuary.org/

HARMONY- Join 75 parrots and one emu for a free, family-friendly Open House at Siesta Sanctuary 1-5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 3,  at 104 Brown Road. Play catch with a cockatoo or two, hear them talk and sing, watch them dance, and learn about their care.

The Sanctuary’s flock includes African Greys, Amazons, cockatiels and cockatoos, conures, eclectuses, lovebirds, macaws, parakeets and ring necks. Parrots live all over the world, at or near the equator.

Since parrots live from 30 to 80 years, they usually outlive their human or suffer from unrealistic expectations of having a parrot as a pet. These parrots came to the Siesta Sanctuary from a variety of places and circumstances: rescue organizations, owners moving to a nursing home, spouses objecting to the bird and/or problem behaviors that disrupt the home. Many have been kept alone and have not seen other parrots.

This non-profit establishes a permanent sanctuary for them. Here the parrots live in a flock, can fly and learn to behave like birds. Nearly all have found a mate or best friend to hang out with. The interactions among them are fascinating.

The Sanctuary does not re-home them but can refer to organizations that do.

Siesta Sanctuary is also a place to learn about parrots, how to care for them as pets and what threatens the survival of wild parrots. Margaret and Fritz Buschmann also provide entertaining, educational presentations with parrots.

While the Open House is free, donations of time, equipment and/or money are always appreciated. It costs roughly $16,000 annually (roughly $45 per day) to house, feed and tend this flock. Any donation, large or small, helps immensely.

Siesta Sanctuary is 100% dependent on donations and does not receive any government funding. 100% of all money donated goes to the care and feeding of the birds.  Donations are tax deductible and receipts are also given for in-kind donations of cages, food and/or equipment.

For more information, call 207-683-6322 or visit Siesta Sanctuary.org and  Facebook.