June 17, 2019
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Eagle Hill Concert ‘Flights of Bach’

Event organizer: Joerg-Henner Lotze
Event Date & Time: March 30, 2019 5:00 pm until March 30, 2019 6:30 pm
Contact email: office@eaglehill.us
For more information: http://eaglehill.us/concerts/

STEUBEN — Eagle Hill Concert “Flights of Bach” (Contrapuntal Art of Johann Sebastian Bach) with violin, cello, and clarinet 5-6:30 p.m. March 30. Musicians will be Sascha Zaburdaeva Lorimer, violin; Anna Maria Baeza, clarinet; Joachim Woitun, cello.

2 Duets From Clavier-Übung III: BWV 802 in E Minor, arranged for Violin and Violoncello; BWV 804 in G Major, arranged for Clarinet and Violoncello

Viola da Gamba Sonata no. 3 in G Minor BWV 1029, arranged for Clarinet, Violin and Violoncello: i) Vivace, ii) Andante, iii) Allegro

From 15 Sinfonias for Keyboard BWV 787-801, arranged for Clarinet, Viola, and Violoncello: no. 7 in E Minor, no. 13 in A Minor, no. 8 in F Major; no. 4 in D Minor, no. 14 in Bb Major, no. 3 in D Major

From “The Art of Fugue” BWV 1080: Contrapunctus no. 13,1 (rectus) and 13,2 (inversus) in D Minor, arranged for Violin, Clarinet and Violoncello; Contrapunctus no. 8 in D Minor, arranged for Clarinet, Viola and Violoncello

Riddle Canons and 3-Part Ricercar from “A Musical Offering” BWV 1079: nos 1–9, arranged for Violin, Clarinet and Violoncello

There will be an optional dinner afterward.