May 27, 2019
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Build Maine 2018 – Workshops and Conference

Event organizer: Mandy Reynolds
Event Date & Time: June 14, 2018 9:00 am until June 15, 2018 4:00 pm
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For more information:
Mandy Reynolds | BDN
Mandy Reynolds | BDN

Join us for Build Maine, a cross-disciplinary conference that brings together leaders from across the state to explore ways to build economically stronger, more successful towns and cities through strategic, high-impact investments. Build Maine aims to convene all of the people involved in the act of building Maine’s cities and towns, including municipal and government officials, town and city councils and planning boards, developers, builders, architects, engineers, civil society, and citizenry.

The program includes paid workshops and a pop-up beer garden on Thursday, June 14, followed by the main program on Friday, June 15. See for more information on the program.

To get your tickets for the workshops and the conference, please check out our Eventbrite page here.

WORKSHOPS: June 14 at the Lewiston Public Library, 200 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, ME.

9-11 a.m.
“Retail in the Internet Age”
with Bob Gibbs, Gibbs Planning Group
National retail consultant and Harvard lecturer Bob Gibbs shares his secrets on what sets successful small business apart from the internet giants. Plus, rock-star Maine sellers offer their formulas for winning at retail.

11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
“Landing Impactful Public Art”
with Anne Marie Purkey Levine, Principal, AMPL Arts Consulting | Julie Horn, Maine Arts Commission | Deborah Greel, Salem Public Art Planner | Caitlin Cameron, City of Portland | Pamela Moulton, Artist
Art sets places apart. Hear from public art professionals on how to cultivate partnerships to realize impactful projects that your community can afford — plus places to find funding.
Brought to you by Maine Downtown Center

1:30-4:30 p.m.
“Creating Value in Unloved Spaces”
with David Valecillos, North Shore Development Coalition | Mickey Northcutt, North Shore Development Coalition | Doug Farr, Farr Associates Architecture and Urban Design
Come learn how you can transform vacant lots, alleys, and unfriendly streets into vibrant spaces that attract foot-traffic and a positive vibe in your downtown. This workshop includes lessons learned from Salem’s transformation of The Point Neighborhood and patterns from Doug Farr’s new book, Sustainable Nation.

4:30-8:30 p.m.
[5 Canal Street Alley Pop-Up Beer Garden]
Build Maine will kick off with a beer garden, held at the L/A Arts Downstage building located at 5 Canal Street Alley. Join us for good conversation, food, and beer in this transformed civic space.
Brought to you by Bear Bones Beer & Marche

6-8:30 p.m.

[Franco Center, 46 Cedar Street, Lewiston]
Patrick Wright, Former Director, Gardiner Main Street | Yellow Light Breen, Maine Development Foundation
Come hear “Patrick Wright Unleashed! An Unvarnished Look at Main Street.” Patrick Wright is the charismatic outgoing director of Gardiner Main Street. Maine Development Foundation CEO, Yellow Light Breen will also deliver an uplifting, big-picture view of why
Main Streets matter. 6:00 doors open, 7:00 program begins. [Tickets:] Brought to you by Maine Downtown Center.

CONFERENCE: June 15 at Bates Mill One, 36 Chestnut Street, Lewiston, ME.

9-9:45 a.m.
Allison Thurmond Quinlan: Architect, Landscape Architect, Small Infill Developer
Flintlock Ltd Co | Flintlock Development
Alli will highlight how small-scale infill can breathe value into neighborhoods and how to cut through the voodoo of pro formas, zoning, and building codes to create beautiful, lovable, walkable projects that make sense for communities and make money for investors.

10:15-11 a.m.
Blair Humphreys, Principal, Humphreys Company
Blair is overseeing the design and development of Wheeler — a mixed-use New Urbanism development on the Oklahoma River. Blair will share the benefits of designing his project with the community at the table, as a way to generate long-term buy-in. He will also explain why it’s so hard to build great places, and what municipalities can do to help change the game.

11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Doug Farr:
Architect, Urban Planner, Author, Founder; Farr Associates Architecture and Urban Design
How can we make the world we want in the least possible time? Farr will share the findings from his latest book, Sustainable Nation, released in spring 2018. Find out what you can do within your own community to make the change you want. Farr is also author of Sustainable Urbanism, a call for leadership in the design and development of places for human settlement, published in 2007.

12-1:45 p.m.
5 Canal Street Alley (pay your own lunch)
Experience activated alleys, play streets, murals, and other fun ideas for how to activate public spaces while taking a self-guided tour (see map). Also enjoy a food truck lunch and an opportunity to engage with speakers and conference participants in this year’s pop-up outdoor lunch venue.

1:45-2:30 p.m.
Nicole Losch, PTP, Senior Transportation Planner, City of Burlington
What if there was a faster, less expensive, and better way to make our streets safer for all people? Nicole will share how Vermont’s biggest town has quickly embedded municipal pilot projects and a program for community-led demonstration projects into its public works operations, and how to bridge the gap between conceptual planning and full reconstruction.

2:30-3:30 p.m.
Marcus Westbury: Urbanist, Writer, Media Maker, Author, and Festival Director; Contemporary Arts Precincts Ltd
Is your town struggling to fill empty shopfronts? Marcus Westbury, author of Creating Cities, is the founder of Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia, efforts that helped launch more than 300 creative and community projects in empty and abandoned buildings and reopened more than 100 vacant shops and offices across Australia.

Please contact us with any questions! Join the conversation and attend Build Maine 2018.