November 15, 2019
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Why are Moroccan mosaic tiles considered most fascinating?

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Since a Moroccan theme design is versatile, you can impart a unique personality to the area wherever you plan to decorate in this style. The ostentatious reflection of Moroccan tradition can be found in the fabrics, textures as well as the designs of the various elements used in this type of decor. Any Moroccan design lover can clearly quote the Mediterranean heritage and culture echoed by the different ways of artistic expressions in the designs. Moroccan mosaic tile patterns in a variety of colors, textures, shapes and materials, happen to be the perfect epitome that reveals the authentic beauty of traditional Moroccan design.
There is a fascinating history behind the Moroccan tiles. The traditional artists of Morocco or Maalems, who excelled in this particular craft of making tiles, have passed on their traditional methods of handcrafting these tiles from generation to generation. One of those methods is called Zellige, and unlike other methods, which have evolved and make use of modern technology, this one is still the same. Plus, it takes years for a maalem to master this method and create unique tiles. the zellige method involves the creation of tiles, entirely with hands by utilizing a number of geometrical forms in vibrant Moroccan colors. The maalem must possess exceptional artistic skills and also give profound attention to the details for excelling in zellige.

In Morocco you will find these tiles not only used in homes, but also in religious places like mosques, fountains, hotels, restaurants, cafes and many other public areas. These tiles although are used to beautify the appearance of the space creating a tranquilizing and serene ambience, but these are also useful to combat the scorching heat of Moroccan climate as these offer a cool and soothing effect.
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