February 28, 2020
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Where is post-apocalyptic movie “The Road” showing? Not in Maine.

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Contributed | BDN

“The Road,” distributed by The Weinstein Company, was supposed to be one of the potential stand-out films this holiday season. Based on the award-winning Cormac McCarthy novel (he also wrote “No Country for Old Men”), the film was to be wide released Thanksgiving weekend, according to information on reliable internet sources including ticket seller Fandango.  The problem? The information was incorrect.  As many people throughout the U.S. are learning this weekend, “The Road” starring Viggo Mortensen is not to be found practically anywhere.  It is not showing in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont.  The closest theater where the movie can be seen in most of New England is Boston. 

The Weinstein Company, co-owned by the brothers who were former heads of Miramax, may have miscalculated with their limited release of this picture.  First, the movie was already bumped from being released last year, a notorious game of musical chairs played too often with pictures produced by this company.  Second, the misinformation of a wide release for “The Road” has served to alienate some of the crowd who wants to see this picture.  (See the discussion thread about the movie on Yahoo Answers) The list of theaters showing “The Road” are few and far between, as can be seen at this imdb.com link:


Do potential viewers really care enough to travel more than they already have this holiday weekend? Lastly, “The Road” is well-known and an exciting concept justifying wide-release despite its upperclass pedigree.  The masses want to see this picture, not just the cinephiles. 

When the picture will come to a theater near you is anyone’s guess. Talk to your local theater owner or manager to get the scoop and exert pressure. If the picture waits too long for wide release it will be lost in the holiday jumble as Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones and James Cameron’s Avatar storm theaters.  Don’t pull another “The Reader” on film-going audiences Mr. Weinsteins! (a picture limited released at the end of December last year to be a contender for the Oscars but not wide released until after the Academy Award telecast in February).