May 29, 2020
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Webinar discussion on ‘Turbulent Times: Is America Becoming Undone?’

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Maine Jung Center | BDN
Maine Jung Center | BDN

Webinar discussion on the psychology of the two current presidential candidates
Produced by the Ashville Jung Center
November 4, 2016
FREE; Donations accepted

Viewing facilitated by Thankful Butler

Another historic election is upon us. If we look at this season and the two candidates through the lens of depth psychology – guided by four Jungian analysts who shed light on what is taking place as they ‘consult the oracles’ of archetype, complex, typology, myth, shadow, and more – we may feel more informed than what the current media feeds us.

Among the topics addressed include:

– In what way do Clinton and Trump represent the US citizens as Queen and King energy?
– How are they likely to care for the “royal realm”?
– What is the psychology embodied by each candidate?
– Are Clinton/Trump up to the task of ruling well on our behalf?
– What is the nature of the current American collective unconscious?
– As we hold the tension of the political opposites, what might be the healing Myth that emerges?

In this Webinar produced by the Asheville Jung Center, psychiatrist Dr. Steve Buser, MD brings together a panel of four noted Jungian analysts – Murray Stein, Nancy Furlotti, Nathan Swartz-Salant, and Luigi Zoja – in order to help us gain, in a balanced way, an understanding of the polarities at work in this election. This is not a political conversation, but a psychological look at the two candidates and American culture.