April 06, 2020
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‘Tis the Season to Light a Luminary

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Belfast.  Yes, Waldo County will host the 6th year for the LIGHT A LUMINARY campaign this year.  It is really becoming a tradition in Belfast and Waldo County communities like Searsport and Unity thanks to the extra efforts of Dawn Place and her Bangor Saving Bank crews!  We are expanding because of them.


Congratulations to so many people who have “kicked” off the program.  The good news is Waldo County volunteers have come forward to see how they can help carry on the tradition.  I am writing to ask your help with this year’s campaign.


Please let us know if you are able to be a Street Captain or a new Retail Sales location this year.  Or perhaps you are interested in volunteering in another way.  Just let us know, and we’ll get you set up.  We are already off and running:  Dale Cross, Waldo County YMCA, has his staff working on the assembly of the kits.  State Sand and Gravel donated the needed sand, with Mike picking it up and delivering it.  Bob, at the Hutchinson Center, is orchestrating all the parts – making sure things are moved to get where they need to be.  Esther Darres is spearheading the Retail Business component quite remarkably and has a number of businesses already on board with Ray Estabrook and the Game Loft kids helping with the replenishing.  Erica Hughes, such a trooper, is again coordinating all our Street Captains.


Once again, marvelous Wilma Moses has volunteered to be our treasurer.  In addition, EBS graciously donated several bags of dry sand to the Making Miracles event on December 12th with area business.  Bangor Savings Bank, with Dawn Place at the helm, is the bank that has taken on the whole “Making Miracles” project in both Waldo and Knox County.  This is the very first year that Waldo County is taking part and we sincerely thank all the businesses (and all the staff at Bangor Savings Bank) for this huge effort.  Hooray to all of you for making this happen.


And now we need to hear from you.  If you aren’t able to help this year, we sincerely thank you for all your past help.  Perhaps you know someone else who may want to help.  Please pass their name along to us.


Just so you know —  all the proceeds (100%) of the project goes to the UMCC charities, so many people in Waldo County are helped by this project and the many others of UMCC.  Last year we raised over $2,000 through all our efforts for the 2008 Waldo County Light a Luminary project.  YES we did!  UMCC has contributed over $35,000 to Hutchinson Center student scholarships over the last five years, making the partnership a match made to last and benefit so  many.


We thank you for considering the opportunity to “brighten the lives of those around you.”  Just the other day a volunteer mentioned to me that this project lasts just couple months and it is really do-able.  A volunteer can, as a matter of speaking, see the light at the end of the tunnel 


If you’d like to volunteer or have a question, please contact one of the Waldo County Coordinators (Nancy at 338-8002, Esther at 323-0740, or Erica at 338-8034).  Thanks and Happy holidays to one and all.