May 28, 2020
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‘The Amazing Bangor Race’ to be held Sunday, Oct. 9

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BANGOR, Maine — The Bangor Fire Department kicks off National Fire Prevention Week with a new twist on the traditional open house with its first-ever “The Amazing Bangor Race” 1-3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 9.

Anyone wishing to play may stop by any of the three fire stations in Bangor and pick up a game card, which contains the address and coordinates of eight locations in Bangor that are of historical note to the Bangor Fire Department.

Contestants then will travel to each of the eight spots and either look for an answer to a specific question found at the location or do a specific task. For example, at the Central Fire Station, the contestant will be asked to enter the smoke trailer and successfully come out the other side; and at the Thomas Hill Standpipe, contestants must read the plaque to find the answer to a question.

It is not a timed race with first and last place finishers, and there is no money, so there is no need to speed through the city. Participants may drop off their completed cards any time Sunday afternoon through Monday afternoon.

Two rides to school in a fire engine will be offered to kindergarten-fifth grade students in a random drawing of all fully completed and correct game cards. Only Bangor students will be eligible to win the Grand Prize.

Firefighters will be available at each of the three fire stations to hand out game cards, give hints if needed and offer tours of the fire trucks and other equipment.

For information, 992-4714.