March 24, 2019
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Sowing SEEDS in Haiti lecture at the Blue Hill Public Library

Community Author: Lee Lee
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Lee Lee | BDN
Lee Lee | BDN

BLUE HILL — A talk on SEED :: Haiti (Sowing Seeds in Haiti) by Lee Lee, from the SEED Barn in Blue Hill,will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 19, at Blue Hill Public Library, 5 Parker Point Road.

SEED :: Haiti is a long term collaboration between Lee Lee and members of the Atis Rezistans art collective that works to preserve heirloom seeds and initiate wildland restoration at the intersection of arts and ecology. The urgency of seed work is dictated by a current effort by US Aid to hybridize traditional Haitian seeds which is a severe threat to the already fragile food security in Haiti. This award winning project is comprised of a network of urban seed gardens located through the urban center of Port Au Prince. Through project based installations for the Ghetto Biennial over the course of six years, the neighborhood seed gardens are flourishing in dense urban areas considered ‘redzones’ by the UN. Because of the level of poverty confronting local populations, the community has developed a structure of social standing largely based on creative capital. In collaboration with members of the Haitian artist collective, Atis Rezistans, ecology themed performance, sculptures and paintings are produced to convey the importance of this community based seed work. Working with Sakala in Cite Soleil, a seed library is being established in tandem with the development of a set of educational tools in a culturally specific SEED Sensorium. Their nursery provides fruit trees which are continually planted throughout the Grand Rue neighborhoods.

This presentation will cover artworks created in this community and share ideas on how to effectively work in an area that has largely been ignored by the international community even as they continue to rebuild lives shattered by the earthquake eight years ago. Ecologically themed artworks created by Atis Rezistans members are on display at the SEED Barn in Blue Hill through the season and will be expanded on during the talk. Touching on past colonial relationships between Haiti and Maine, we will also explore parallels between SEED work in both Haiti and Maine.

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