December 06, 2019
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Seasonal change expert to speak about climate change in Acadia at Beatrix Farrand Society Garland Farm

Community Author: Kerri Sands
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Abe Miller-Rushing | Contributed
Abe Miller-Rushing | Contributed

BAR HARBOR — Dr. Abraham Miller-Rushing will speak at the Beatrix Farrand Society’s Garland Farm on how the timing of phenological events (cyclical natural phenomena such as flower blooms, bird arrivals, and leaf falls) are changing in response to climate change, 4 p.m. Monday, July 22, at 745 Bayview Drive. He will discuss what these changes mean for people and ecosystems, focusing on Acadia, and the vital role that gardens continue to have in our understanding of phenology and climate change.

Abe Miller-Rushing is the Science Coordinator for Acadia National Park. He has studied changes in phenological events like flowering, bird migrations, and butterfly emergence in Acadia and elsewhere, including studies of Henry David Thoreau’s observations of flowering times at Walden Pond and Japanese records of cherry blossoms. Miller-Rushing also studies the role of citizen science in observing changes over time. As part of his lecture he will address how you and your friends can participate and contribute your observations of phenology to important scientific research here in Acadia and globally.

Admission: $10 for members, $20 for non-members. Students attend for free. Pre-registration required by contacting Visit for directions and more information.

The Beatrix Farrand Society is a nonprofit organization founded to foster the art and science of horticulture and landscape design, with emphasis on the life and work of Beatrix Farrand.