May 31, 2020
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Search Engine Marketing – Watch it or lose it!

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A Search Engine Marketing Campaign cannot run on Auto Pilot

A Search Engine Marketing Campaign is much like the stock exchange – you have to be alert. You cannot setup a Search Engine Marketing Campaign and run it in a “launch it and forget it” auto mode. No sir! Otherwise it could turn into a misguided missile and blow a hole in your bank balance at best or destroy your business at worst.

A Search Engine Marketing Campaign Runs in Real-Time

A Search Engine Marketing Campaign runs in real-time. Whatever changes you make during the campaign will show immediate results – either for the better or worse but whatever happens, happens immediately. You can however halt the Search Engine Marketing Campaign anytime you wish and rectify any problems. I compared a Search Engine Marketing Campaign to the stock exchange because they both share some similarities.

Research your Keywords, Work out a Strategy

Just as you would research a company before buying its stock, so too you must carefully research keywords before you use them. If your competition is doing better than you then it pays to research the keywords your competition is using. Also, you need to know the search volume of each keyword, the current conversion rates and profit i.e. your approach to using keywords in your Search Engine Marketing Campaign should be identical to buying an expensive stock.

Most search engines provide ad campaign managers with a host of reporting features. You get access to real-time data and performance results. You know where the clicks are coming from (geographic area) and where they end up (on your website). From the performance of your website you would also know if the Social media campaigns are bearing favorable results.

There is no Dummy’s guide to Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Today the stock exchange is brought to your doorstep via online trading portals. Anyone with a bank account and funds to play with, can invest in the stock exchange but investing well and making profits are two different things – so too the Search Engine Marketing Campaigns. Search engines have made it easy for anyone with a credit card and a website to run a Search Engine Marketing Campaign but the truth is, very few people know how to run a successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign. Running a Search Engine Marketing Campaign successfully requires knowledge and experience. There are also lots of short-cuts and tricks to keeping track of your Search Engine Marketing Campaign and ensuring your targets are met but this kind of knowledge is closely guarded.

When it comes to Search Engine Marketing Campaigns, having an expert on your side makes sense.

The search engines (especially the major ones) are constantly changing and updating the way they operate. It takes a full time Search Engine Marketing Consultants to keep track of these changes. So while you feel you can run your own Search Engine Marketing Campaign, it is best you talk to Search Engine Marketing Specialists because they guarantee you results. A Search Engine Marketing Specialist not only saves you time he actually also saves you money after all, a guarantee for results is better than groping about trying to figure out how it works.

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