June 17, 2019
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Runners and Walkers Enjoy 5th Annual Trekkers Thomaston Trek

Community Author: Shari Closter
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THOMASTON —More than 90 people ran or walked on June 3rd to celebrate Trekkers’ 5th annual Thomaston Trek. This year’s 5K/10K run and 5K walk began and ended at the Thomaston Academy Building. The route worked its way around the historic streets of Thomaston, and included a loop with a water station at the Thomaston Green. For the 10K course, runners repeated the 5K loop. More than 60 volunteers helped plan, staff and provide enthusiastic support for the participants. Thomaston Trek raises funds to support Trekkers long-term, relationship focused, youth mentoring programs and provides a platform for students to raise pledges toward their program dues. The field of 90 included 36 current Trekkers students.

James Weinand, came in first overall for the 5K race, finishing in 19:38, with Bryan McCarthy finishing second in 19:55, and Keegan Fitzgerald finishing third in 21:26. The top three women in the 5K were Erin Jackson, finishing in 22:14; Bre Cushman, finishing in 22:46; and Jessica Weatherbee, finishing in 25:07.

The overall winner of the 10K race was Keith Drago, finishing in 36:27. Steve Cartwright finished second in 46:35 and Hannah Tannebring finished third in 1:00:02. The top three women in the 10K were Hannah Tannebring, 1:00:02; Lynn Jamieson, 1:00:47; and Emily Gribben, 1:07:27.

Prizes were given to the top male and female finishers in each age group.

5K Prizes
For the 1–12 Age Bracket: Henri Weymouth, 30:24
For the 13–25 Age Bracket: Male: James Weinand, 19:38; Female: Veronica Kaluta, 29:32
For the 26–40 Age Bracket: Male: Bryan McCarthy, 19:55; Female: Erin Jackson, 22:14
For the 41–55 Age Bracket: Male: Peter Landry, 1:01:39; Female: Jessica Weatherbee, 25:07
For the 56+ Age Bracket: Male: Fred Nehring, 24:55; Female: Susan Richardson, 35:23

10 K Prizes:

For the 26–40 Age Bracket: Male: Keith Drago, 36:27; Female: Hannah Tannebring, 1:00:02
For the 56+ Age Bracket: Male: Steve Cartwright, 46:35; Female: Lynn Jamieson, 1:00:47

Individual 5K run/walk results:
James Winand, 19:38; Ryan McCarthy, 19:55; Keegan Fitzgerald, 21:26, Erin Jackson, 22:14; Bre Cushman, 22:46; Austin Chilles, 24:10; Fred Nehring, 24:55; Max Yankura, 25:05; Jessica Weatherbee, 25:07; Lindsey Evans LINDSEY EVANS, 26:06; Joanna Schwab, 26:14; Deklin Fitzgerald,26:44; Vicki Schoonard, 27:18; Corbin Farnham, 28:08; Gabriel Gilchrest, 28:34; Veronica Kaluta, 29:32; Heather Nelson, 29:39; Phoebe Carlson, 29:55; Nellie Kavanagh, 29:56; Henri Weymouth, 30:24; Amy Micklich, 30:39; Ellery Micklich, 30:40; Rebecca Albright, 31:29; Jacob Carroll, 31:36; Duncan Oakes-Nelsen, 32:21; Brysen Gilchrest, 32:30; Zeke Miller, 32:37; Jack Elwell, 32:48; Sam Miller, 33:42; Emma Carpenter, 33:43; Harriet Yankura, 33:47; Alicia Costa, 33:53; Susan Richardson, 35:23; Devin Guptill, 36:50; Amy Mitchell, 37:02; Laura Miller, 37:07; Terry Nelsen, 37:47; Michael Henr Weinand, 39:26; Leif Gentalen, 39:57; Donovan Guptill, 40:00; Amy Palmer, 40:05; Raven Hustus, 40:17; Alaina Ennamorati, 40:18; Myla Ferland, 40:19; Aidan Weymouth, 40:24; Paul McFarland, 40:50; Logan Radley, 43:43; Sydney Gamage, 44:31; Lydia Gamage, 44:33; Allie Colburn, 44:57; Ava Carpenter , 44:57; Kelsey Campbell, 45:15; Nicole Colburn, 46:03; Linda Butler, 46:15; Brent Stewart, 47:53; Randi Lamkins, 48:08; Aimee Campbell, 48:31; Byron Radley, 48:55; Maxime Crute, 49:53; Martha Brower, 50:42; Kiras Tavernakis, 51:29; Stephanie McGary, 51:52; Shannon Crute, 51:52; Mara Wellman , 54:00; Tammi Young TAMMI YOUNG, 54:03; Tucker Adams, 54:39; Jacob Curtis, 56:33; Sebastian Sanfilippo, 56:34; Connor Adams, 57:19; Deborah Tannebring, 57:54; Joanne Milburn, 57:57; Bradford Tannebring , 57:59; Erin Hustus, 1:01:36; Peter Landry, 1:01:39; Aimee Sanfilippo, 1:01:44; Elaine Landry, 1:01:47; James Augustine, 1:03:44; Melissa Hopkins, 1:04:14; Shaun Hopkins, 1:04:16; Marina Landrith, 1:08:06; Jack Carpenter, 1:08:11; Dale Landrith, 1:08:12; Alyssa Rolerson, 1:08:14;

Individual 10K Results:
Keith Drago, 36:27; Steve Cartwright, 46:35; Hannah Tannebring, 1:00:02; Lynn Jamieson, 1:00:47; Reade Brower, 1:05:59; Emily Gribben 1:07:27; Anne Goodale, 1:10:07; and Ellen Spring, 1:21:11.

This event is made possible through the generous support of their lead sponsor: Applewood Dental. Their supporting sponsors are as follows: Atwood Lobster LLC; Bayoga; Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – The Masiello Group; Brooks Trap Mill; Burpee, Carpenter & Hutchins Funeral Home; Eastern Tire & Auto Service, Inc.; Epifanes, NA; FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars; Fisher Engineering; Glen Cove Dental Associates; Grasshopper Shop; Harbor Builders Associates; Harbor Road Veterinary Hospital; Horch Roofing; Jeff’s Marine; Lonza Rockland, Inc; Monhegan Boat Line; Mount Pleasant Dental Care; Mr. Tire Company; Ocean Pursuits; Once A Tree Inc.; Rockland Savings Bank, FSB; Schooner J. & E. Riggin, Sidecountry Sports and The Slipway. They encourage everyone to support these local enterprises.

Trekkers is a non-profit, outdoor-based mentoring program that connects young people with caring adults through expeditionary learning, community service and adventure-based education. Trekkers serves over 240 7th through 12th grade students from the six communities of Cushing, Owls Head, Rockland, South Thomaston, St. George and Thomaston. For more information about Trekkers, please contact the Trekkers office at 207-594-5095 or go to www.trekkers.org

With a desire to expanded our commitment to meeting more young people where they are, The Trekkers Training Institute (TTI) was created in 2017 to share the principles behind Trekkers’ success with other organizations and communities across the state of Maine. For more information about TTI, please visit www.trekkersinstitute.org.