January 24, 2018
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Release and smooth your fabulous face at Belfast Yoga Studio

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The annual Yamuna® Save Your Face, TMJ & Neck will be held on Sunday December 15 from 2-5pm at the Belfast Yoga Studio.

With the YBR Face Balls the class will go beyond the improved outer appearance qualities such as soft, smooth and glowing skin to effect the facial bone and skull structures, release the TMJ which sets off relaxation throughout the face, head and neck as well as the whole body. A relaxed face, neck and occiput area assure total body relaxation and a deep sense of peace.

“For the first time, and by popular request, this will be a 3 hour class,” explains teacher Marianna Moll who is certified in the latest techniques of Yamuna® Body Rolling Therapeutic Face Ball work, “We will work the face and neck in detail to prepare for the in-depth TMJ work and connect it all to the whole spine.

“Whatever unresolved stress you have in your life often winds up in your temporomandibular joint when you are sleeping,” continues Moll, “the clenching, grinding and clamping down of the jaw during sleep causes all kinds of problems in the rest of the body. The TMJ is a master joint in the body and it regulates general tension levels in all the other joints of the body, especially the hip and shoulder joints. People often grind down their teeth and their jaw and cause significant bone damage, and create constant headaches and neck pain. Lots of money is being spent on dental appliances, injections, and periodontists.”

This class will focus on simple techniques you can use to break these tension patterns. There are specific muscles that are easy to find and work yourself. Once you break the tension patterns, your body does not want to keep them. Students will earn very specific things to stop clenching and grinding, learn how to take the impact out of teeth, gums, and jaw, learn how to work all the related muscles of the face, scull, neck and jaw with long-term results.

If you already have the Face Ball Kit class fee is only $40 prepaid or only $45 using the Paypal button on our website, you can use your credit card on Paypal. If you don’t have your own Face Balls you need to purchase the Face Ball kit which retails for $70 plus 3.85 tax and get the class discounted by $10. $103.85 prepaid or $108.85 using our PayPal service

Space is very limited and preregistration is required, no walk-ins, please. You may download our registration form on the “Event & Workshop” page on our website at www.belfastyoga.com.

The Belfast Yoga Studio is located in Suite 302 at 9 Field Street, Belfast, in the large red and white Belfast Center. For complete information on all sessions and to register, go to www.belfastyoga.com or call 338-3930 to have all information and registration sheet mailed to you.