March 26, 2019
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Red Devil comes to the rescue with ‘Anti-Toast’ brew

Community Author: Banogr Police Department
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Bangor Police Department | Contributed
Bangor Police Department | Contributed
TC's special blend from Red Devil Roast.

Last week we shared our disdain for French Toast flavored coffee from the Keurig; for the record I thought the K-cup said “French Roast”- my bad.…/pcb.10156808…/10156808596911079/…

Thankfully, the folks at Red Devil Roast came to the rescue with our own special blend of go-juice.

I’m kind of a pushover for a Maine business who can immediately adapt their product to fit the needs of an idiot- speaking for myself- who should have read the top of the the tiny plastic cup.

I was also sent a pair of cheap reading glasses so not everyone is supportive of MY mistake.

When the box arrived, delivered by the great folks at the United States Postal Service, I could see tiny red devils printed all over the red, white, and blue emblazoned parcel. I knew it was coffee from one of my favorite roasters of magic beans.

I want to tell you- the stuff is great. I have one dozen of my very own K-cups filled with “The Anti-Toast.” I have shared some as well. I am also going to break into a bag of Perkatory Roast late this afternoon for our standard two o’clock kaffeeklatsche.

Lt. Bob Bishop leads us in hymns about coffee, tells us stories about being a cop when you had to buy your own batteries for the flashlight- which was shared by an entire crew,- and how he fed the horses a little extra grain on the colder nights of patrol operations so they could climb the hills with a little more vim and vigor- just good stuff.

Thanks to Red Devil Roast for taking the time to produce some great labels for the bags filled with really good coffee.

A nice feature of these cups is that the print is large- for those of YOU who need reading glasses.

Have a wonderful Thursday. Call us if you need police aid or intervention.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

We will be here.

We have a Duck.


BPD Duck of Justice is published in BDN Maine Weekly on Thursdays. This installment is for Oct. 11.