Public Wi-Fi expanded in Greenville

Community Author: Heidi St. Jean
Post Date:

GREENVILLE — The Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation has expanded the public Wi-Fi system in downtown Greenville and extended it to Greenville Junction. The high speed Wi-Fi system now has three hotspots in the downtown, which serves nearly the entire downtown and a hotspot serving Greenville Junction.

The free Wi-Fi system makes it easy to access the internet for both residents and visitors when they are in downtown Greenville or in the Junction. Users can download information from the internet, or access information on local businesses, recreational opportunities, shops or find a great restaurant. They can also upload and share their favorite pictures of the Moosehead Lake region with family and friends on social media.

Thousands of residents and visitors already use the Wi-Fi system every year and the Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation expects the expansion will significantly increase usage. The purpose of the network is to attach more people to the downtown and improve their experience while they are in town. The goal of the corporation is to serve the public and to attract more people and customers to downtown Greenville that will help businesses grow and prosper as well as increase job opportunities.

The expansion was made possible with grants from the Weyerhaeuser and Elmina B Sewall Foundations for which corporation officials are very grateful.

The Wi-Fi expansion is another important step forward in the growth and revitalization of the Moosehead Lake region. For more information please contact administrator Heidi St. Jean at or

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