Piscataquis Community High School first quarter honor roll

Community Author: Patti McPheters
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Piscataquis Community High School, Guilford

First quarter honor roll: 

Grade 12, high honors: Megan Beckwith, Melissa Burdin, Madelynn Crosby and Carter Starbird; honors: David Armstrong, Gwen Burgess, Chelsea Cookson, Ariona Gerry, Wayne Haley, Zach Hewitt, Emily Hinrichs, Taylor Marson, Megan McLaughlin, Emma Melia, Macee Pearl, Cameron Perkins, Preston Ricker and Narina Stevens.

Grade 11, high honors: Kyle Bagley, Colby Chadwick, Max Richards and Ted Taylor; honors: Romana Bystrianska, Cassie Chambers, Meagan Lemieux, Justin Lonergan and Arwen Morse. 

Grade 10, highest honors: Ruth Griffith, Hailee Hartford and Sydney Hutchins; high honors: Daniel Adams, Isaiah Bagley, Isaiah Arno, Grace Buehne, Matthew Chadbourne, Sadie Davis, Dean Demmer, Hannah Dow, Taylor Folsom, Mackenzie Kain, Elizabeth Kendall, Jessie Mayberry and Courtney Quimby; honors: Jacob Beckwith, Hailey Cipullo, Kaitlyn Cookson, Zoey Dow-Cookson, Shyann Fairbanks, Sarah Gray, Martina HillNathaniel Hutchins, Alex Lyon, Shania Milano, Qianna Nadeau and Aliyah Ouellette.

Grade nine, highest honors: Janelle Bernier, Emma Calnan and Samantha Goodwin; high honors: Cadence Cluckey, Jodi Coffin, Melissa Demmer, Sydney Grenier, Kendall Kimball, Julia Munson, Gavin Richards, Gracie Talbot, Meriel Willey and Anna Zimmerman; honors: Lily Bush, Destiny Dever, Connor Gebo, Jarin Grant, Zander Grant, Saia Miles, Angelique Pelkey, Abbey Ricker, Brylee Ricker, Hunter Ronco, Molly Sipple, Annabella Thompson, Katelynn White and Alex Zeller. 


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