Penquis Valley High School first quarter honor roll

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Penquis Valley High School, Milo

First quarter honor roll 

Grade 12, high honors: Mercedes Ames-Cartwright, Rosa Cianci, Angelique Farnsworth, Sydney Fowles, Rachel McMannus and Nathaniel Tucker; honors: Camron Bailey, Devin Dwelley, Hope Grant, Macee Grant, Desteny Havens, Emily Herbest, Kelsy Lacroix, Aiden Pardue, Destiny Peters, Alyssa Rudge, Jennifer Smart and Jaida Timmons.

Grade 11, high honors: Robert Cameron, AnnaJo Conklin, Bethany Cyr, Madison Doucette, Kassandra Files, Zakary Mills and Courtney Rouleau; honors: Joslyn Black, Savannah Boislard, Lauren Bolstridge, Lealie Chadwick, Austin Clukey, Evette Godwin, Destiny Golden, Salena Goodine, Randy Guzy, Wayne LeVasseur, Angelina Roberts, Mackenzie Shaw, Dalton Smith, William Waterhouse and Courtney Webb.

Grade 10, high honors: Grady Atkinson; honors: Ethan Bishop, Angela Bryden, Jerico Jay, Hope Lovell, Maxwell Osgood, Alvin Robshaw, Mikal Sickler, Nicholas Vallee and Brianna Witham.

Grade nine, high honors: Victoria Boislard, Abigail Conlogue and Elijah Pratt; honors: Imaan Ali, Haley Cavagnaro, Valarie Craig, Zak Gahagan, Syreniti Grant, Andrew Lapointe, Ida-Grace Lundin, Jessica Morton, Aileen Strout, Katie Weed and Megan Whitten.

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