February 16, 2020
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New “Three Men & a Baby” film in the works, says Guttenberg

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Contributed | BDN

Continuing the tradition of making everything old, new again, comes a report from “Three Men & a Baby” star Steve Guttenberg that the entire cast is coming back for a third film.  The first film with Guttenberg, Ted Danson, and Tom Selleck was released in 1988 with the sequel “Three Men and a Little Lady” in theaters only two years later.  This third sequel would be about twenty years after the originals.  You can find the new story at this link:  www.wenn.com/archives/12384

I don’t have a problem with this news.  I, myself, enjoy epilogue stories more than I enjoy prequels.  Finding out what ultimately happens to characters in a popular film series is a nice way to wrap everything up.  The final films that Stallone made for his series’s “Rocky” and “Rambo” were sentimental and entirely appropriate to bring those character arcs to completion.  I see the “Three Men and a Baby” series being ripe for an epilogue film.  The three actors are available and still capable of bringing the funny (Ted Danson was hilarious in the TV show “Becker,” Tom Selleck was always enjoyable as a guest star on “Friends” and Guttenberg, well, he needs a job).  

Other epilogue films I’d like to see are for the James Bond series (an old spy, finally retired), Ghostbusters (the original four handing off the business to some young bucks), the Halloween series (I know about the remakes but what about putting the original Meyers finally to rest with the help of his nephew from H20, Josh Hartnett), and Die Hard (one final flick to bring the McClane’s all back together).  I prefer a trend in this direction instead of endless sequels, reboots, and prequels.