June 02, 2020
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New Cary and Pines Surgeon Dr. Rashmi Bawa Specializes in Breast Surgery

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Tamra Kilcollins | BDN
Tamra Kilcollins | BDN
Dr. Rashmi Bawa, (center), has joined Pines Surgical Services at Cary Medical Center in Caribou. Dr. Bawa is a General Surgeon specializing in Breast Surgery after completing a Breast Oncology Fellowship at the John Wayne Cancer Institute in California. With Dr. Bawa, are, (left), Jessica Rossignol, RN, Supervisor of Pines Surgical Services, and (right), Mallory Thompson, RN, Dr. Bawa’s nurse.

With her expertise and experience specializing in breast surgery, Dr. Rashmi Bawa, has brought a new level of comprehensive breast health care and treatment for women to Cary Medical Center and Aroostook County.
“I am so fortunate to bring the training I have received from larger institutions and cancer centers to practice here in a rural hospital,” Dr. Bawa said. “Our care here is different. We have the same level of clinical care and state-of-the-art diagnostic mammography and surgical equipment that the larger cancer centers can provide, but we are also such a close knit family. We provide multidisciplinary care that is individualized to each patient. Our team aims to focus on holistic treatments and care that is customized to provide the highest quality outcome for our patients.”
Dr. Bawa completed a Breast Oncology Fellowship at the John Wayne Cancer Institute in California, and her General Surgery Residency Program at the New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens/Cornell University Medical College Program. She joined Pines Surgical Services at Cary earlier this year.
Focusing on her specialty skills, Dr. Bawa performs both benign and cancerous breast lumpectomies, mastectomies, breast biopsies and oncoplastic breast surgeries. Cary’s newest surgeon also performs many general laparoscopic procedures, endoscopies and was trained in a level I trauma center in New York.
Dr. Bawa urges women after the age of 40 to discuss having annual mammograms with their primary care provider.
“There are many factors we look at when evaluating a woman’s chances of getting breast cancer,” Dr. Bawa explained. “We evaluate breast imaging, family history of the disease, whether the patient is post-menopausal, or is on hormone replacement therapy, to name a few. All of these factors are considered as part of our risk assessment.”
“Knowledge is so important in the fight against this disease,” Dr. Bawa continued. “I find that women sometimes don’t pay attention to themselves as they are always putting their families first so I feel an important part of my practice is to create awareness. Breast self-exams and knowing how your breasts feel is a wonderful start so that if you do feel a lump or irregularity you will recognize it. You should also know your specific family history, and if someone in your family was diagnosed with breast cancer, what type of cancer it was. Passing this prevention information on to our daughters is also very important.”
“Hearing the word cancer from your doctor is very scary. All of our patients are close to my heart and become part of my life, and our staff is here to help them through it all.”
Please contact your Primary Care Provider for a referral to see Dr. Bawa, or contact Pines Surgical Services at 498-2448.