April 08, 2020
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MDI Rotary Club gifts first copper-infused, antimicrobial patient table to MDI Hospital

Community Author: Oka Hutchins Public Affairs Officer
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BAR HARBOR — Mount Desert Island Hospital is now using a specialized copper-infused, antimicrobial table in its Oncology Department thanks to a generous donation from the MDI Rotary Club. “MDI Hospital is grateful to the MDI Rotary Club for their generous donation of our first copper-infused patient table,” said MDI Hospital President/CEO Art Blank. “Our hope is to expand the use of this antimicrobial technology throughout the hospital. Oncology is a good place to test this technology as it adds a layer of safety for patients who are immunosuppressed.”

The table provided by the Rotary is manufactured by EOS Surfaces and uses Cupron, a copper-based antimicrobial technology, to continually reduce bacterial contamination in the hospital environment. “The surfaces are not a substitute for standard infection control measures, but are an enhancement that can be utilized in addition to standard precautions,” said MDI Hospital Infection Preventionist Barbara MacPike RN, BSN, CIC. “Preventative biocidal surfaces such as these have the potential to help reduce hospital-related infections.”

Cupron-enhanced EOS Surfaces, known as EOS, are self-sanitizing surfaces that have been shown to eliminate more than 99.9 percent of bacteria within two hours of exposure, even after repeated contamination. The copper-infused antimicrobial surfaces come in several colors and are manufactured in the US. The technology can be used for countertops as well as for overbed tables, tabletops, armrests, bed rails, wall cladding, sinks, vanities and other custom surfaces.

All EOS surfaces, regardless of application, are made of the same proprietary biocidal material and are the world’s only practical hard surface EPA Registered for Public Health Claims. The proprietary material has been shown to achieve statistically significant reductions in multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) and C. diff in clinical trials. For more information about EOS surfaces, visit eoscu.com.