March 29, 2020
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Maine teen entrepreneur releases business book

Community Author: Nathan Sykes
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Howdy Interactive | Contributed
Howdy Interactive | Contributed

BANGOR — Local teen entrepreneur Nathan Sykes is announcing the release of his new business/education book “Retire Before College,” aimed at high school or college students who want to take the leap to financial freedom through starting a business while in school. Sykes owns one of the largest companies in the United States owned by a teenager, Howdy Interactive.

When Sykes and thousands of other teen entrepreneurs attempted the climb to financial freedom, they discovered limitations and restrictions on what they could do. No amount of business books could have prepared them for running their companies without the tools that adults have access to — independent bank accounts, loans, trade credit, etc. These roadblocks proved detrimental to scaling a business as a student.

However Sykes found strategies and loopholes that have scaled Howdy Interactive to work alongside Fortune 500 clients and lead a network of 170-plus team members, all before he was old enough to drink or vote. In “Retire Before College” he shares the secrets, tips and tricks he’s found to scaling a business as a teen entrepreneur. In addition, he’s interviewed, learned from and studied two dozen teen millionaires in different industries to research best practices and how they amassed their fortune.

According to Junior Achievement, 41 percent of all teens want to start a business and 5 percent have already done so. The amount of teen entrepreneurs starting a business every year is increasing by roughly 15 percent. Some of the largest companies owned by teen entrepreneurs have independent valuations of up to $60 million dollars.

“I’m very excited that ten months of hard work have paid off,” said Sykes. “The tips, tricks, and methodology discussed in ‘Retire Before College’ aren’t just theory — they’re based off of real interactions with teen-led companies from around the world.”

During the advance readership period, the book attracted international high praise between teen entrepreneurs. “This book is not only educational, it’s inspirational,” said Benjamin Andrews, teen entrepreneur and founder of KyraHosting. He continued, “I would definitely recommend this book for those that aspire to be successful in life.”

“Retire Before College” is available on To stay updated with Sykes and the team at Howdy Interactive, sign up for updates at

Howdy Interactive is a corporate marketing and technology holdings company founded by Nathan Sykes. Originally focusing on event management, Howdy made a pivot to the world of corporate marketing, offering the world’s first monthly retainer marketing program. Since then, Howdy’s corporate marketing team has worked alongside NBC, Amazon, and Five Guys, and has grown to a network of 170+ team members internationally. Howdy also has a research and development team quietly making advances in the fields of debt collection, gaming, and health insurance.