November 14, 2019
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Maine Outdoor Heritage Lottery Tickets Fund Trail Projects

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Maine Appalachian Trail Club | BDN
Maine Appalachian Trail Club | BDN
Step stones installed near Rainbow Lake

Augusta, Maine – Three remote Maine Trail Crew projects are funded in part this season thanks to the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund. Crews will construct step stones in wet and muddy areas to enhance hiking conditions and mitigate trail damage. In the cedar swamps near Nahmakanta Stream, the trail bed will be improved once Geotextile “burritos” are installed to provide a firm trail surface through wet and root-strewed areas and to improve the surroundings.

Maine Trail Crew members began work at each project site in early July and will wrap up work in August.

The Maine Outdoor Heritage Grant supported nine weeks of trail work in Piscataquis County, at the Rainbow Dead waters, the east end of Rainbow Lake and Nahmakanta Stream.

“Maine’s section of the Appalachian Trail is well known for its rugged, wild terrain,” remarks MATC President Lester Kenway. “With financial support from groups like the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund, our crews can focus on the work at hand.”

These projects were funded in part by the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund, in which proceeds from the sale of dedicated instant lottery ticket – currently Wild Bucks – are used to support outdoor recreation and natural resource conservation.
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